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Second Lieutenant Victor "Tombstone" Polizzi is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Season One

Victor is a US Air Force MQ-9B Reaper Sensor Operator at Creech AFB, Nevada. In his first scene, he bombs a man on a motorcycle. He immediately had guilty feelings about it. To let go of this, he went to a casino to gamble away the dollars he signed after killing alleged terrorists. He won money, but was seduced and beaten by a wealthy couple. This put his career on edge.

Sometime later, he is overseeing Hanin and her stalker, paid by Suleiman. Her stalker attempts to rape her after physically assaulting her. Against the wishes of his superior officer Captain Josh Whitmore, he droned the man to let Hanin go, though he survived with a scar. To Victor's luck, he was allowed to keep working but this was meaningless to him.

His superior later tells him to kill the terrorist that he thought he'd killed before; hence revealing he killed a non-suspect. This expanded his guilt, as he believed he killed an innocent man. The next day, he went out to a cafe with his co-worker, Ava Garcia, who told him that his victim would likely be a terrorist. He vehemently disagreed and told the story of how he planned on being a fighter pilot this whole time and only was recruited to be in the droning last minute.

For his redemption quest, he went on journey to the Middle-East. He flew in to Turkey, paid the driver handsomely to a small town in Syria. There he apologizes to the father and son of his first victim, without speaking English. He pretends to buy their chicken eggs, but just leaves the money and lets them keep their produce.