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President Valeri Voldin is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels. He was elected as the President of Russia in early 2010 and held the office until his assassination later that year. Voldin was later succeeded by Nikita Yermilov.


Command Authority

Openly critical of the United States, he secretly tasks Russian Domestic Intelligence (FSB) with staging false flag attacks in an effort to justify an invasion of Ukraine. A bomb is detonated in a restaurant in Russia, killing Russian foreign intelligence (SVR) head Stanislav Biryukov; simultaneously, former SVR head Sergey Golovko falls ill to polonium poisoning while visiting his old friend, President Jack Ryan, in the White House. Volodin accuses the American government of orchestrating the recent incidents, and then announces the merger of the SVR and the FSB into one entity led by Roman Talanov, the head of FSB.

Despite a failed attacked on a CIA special mission compound, Volodin decides to invade Ukraine, intent on pushing his troops all the way to the capital of Kiev. President Ryan sends a few military troops to assist Ukrainian soldiers in the conflict with Russian forces as well as to prevent them from reaching Kiev.

After President Ryan discovers Talanov as the leader of the Seven Strong Men criminal organization, he demands Volodin to halt the Russian Army's advance into Kiev in exchange for Volodin not to be linked with the Seven Strong Men. Russia ceases operations in Ukraine and pulls back.

Under Fire

Commander in Chief


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