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Valentin Kovalenko is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels.


Locked On

In 2008, Kovalenko was an SVR assistant rezident to London. With public option having turned against U.S. President Ed Kealty, Czech billionaire Paul Laska launched an effort to discredit Ryan. After CIA Deputy Director Charles Sumner Alden identified Campus agent John Clark as one of the men who had captured The Emir, Alden divulged this information with Laska. As a result, Laska enlisted the help of Kovalenko for collecting information about Clark's CIA activities. Kovalenko uncovers Clark's unauthorized assassination of an East German Stasi operative in Berlin in 1981, which was not part of the full presidential pardon Ryan had signed for his friend and making him accountable for murder. Laska covertly gives the dossier to Kealty, who then orders the FBI to hunt down Clark.

While on the run, Clark travels to Europe in order to find out the source of the information on the Berlin hit. As soon as Clark finds out about Kovalenko and Laska in Moscow, he gets captured by French investigators hired as cutouts by Laska. After the Frenchmen fail to get information from Clark, Laska blackmails Kovalenko into torturing him for information about his current employer. The Russian Government later frees Clark and arrests Kovalenko in a desperate attempt to have him help stop Jamaat Shariat forces threatening to launch the nuclear-tipped missiles at Moscow.

Threat Vector

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