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TSgt Tran is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


Tran is a member of the USAF. In 2019, she was among several military members who were working out of a CIA safehouse. Following John Kelly's release from prison and arrival at the safehouse, Tran led Kelly inside of a mobile command center to meet with Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay, CIA Director Sarah Dillard, Robert Ritter, and Karen Greer. After Kelly spoke of Viktor Rykov who was thought to be dead, Ritter asked Tran to put Rykov's photo in a lineup to confirm he had seen him. Kelly choose the correct photo, confirming Rykov had indeed been present at Kelly's home when Pam Kelly was murdered.


  • Tran is listed as a First Sergeant in the film's credits. Her uniform and rank insignia denote her as a Technical Sergeant (E6) in the U.S. Air Force. A First Sergeant is a rank in the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps with a pay grade of E8. In the USAF, First Sergeants are not a rank but a temporary duty status available to the pay grades of E7 and above.