Season 1 of Amazon's TV Series, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, premiered on August 31, 2018. There were a total of eight episodes in the first season.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles upon a suspicious series of bank transfers his search for answers pulls him from the safety of his desk job and catapults him into a deadly game of cat and mouse throughout Europe and the Middle East, with a rising terrorist figurehead preparing for a massive attack against the U.S. and her allies.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

1. Pilot.jpg "Pilot (TV Series)" August 31, 2018
2. French Connection.jpeg "French Connection" August 31, 2018
3. Black 22.jpg "Black 22" August 31, 2018
4. The Wolf.jpeg "The Wolf" August 31, 2018
5. End of Honor.jpg "End of Honor" August 31, 2018
6. Source and Methods.jpg "Sources and Methods" August 31, 2018
7. The Boy.jpg "The Boy" August 31, 2018
8. Inshallah.jpg "Inshallah" August 31, 2018

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