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Saif Rahman Yasin, also known as The Emir is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels. He was the leader of the Umayyad Revolutionary Council.


The Teeth of the Tiger

In 2006, The Emir sends several URC teams across the U.S.-Mexico border to attack several suburban malls, resulting in massacres. The Campus formulates a plan to flush out URC leaders with a "reconnaissance by fire" strategy involving the assassination of high profile members of the UIR. The Campus successfully assassinates four members across the U.K., Germany, Austria, and Italy. Following the assassination of URC Operations Director Mohammed Hassan al-Din, Campus analyst Jack Ryan, Jr. takes his computer and downloads the entire contents. The Campus later learns of The Emir after analyzing Mohammed's data.

Dead or Alive

In 2007, The Emir altered his physical appearance and secretly entered the United States by private plane. He then took up residence in Nevada and started coordinating a massive operation known as Lotus. The operation aimed to weaken the current Kealty administration with a series of seemingly isolated terrorist attacks and culminating in the destruction of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, using a nuclear device assembled from radioactive material stolen from an abandoned nuclear waste storage site in Russia, in order to poison the water table for the western U.S. Additionally, The Emir would have the cooperation of Pakistani intelligence in conquering the country and securing the United States' nuclear inventory.

The The Campus continued to search for the Emir across Europe and later deduced that he was in the United States. URC terrorists later destroy a Petrobras oil refinery outside São Paulo, Brazil and trigger a series of attacks on small towns across the United States. These attacks are thwarted by Campus operatives John Clark, Domingo Chavez, and Jack Ryan Jr. Chavez and Dominic Caruso later travel to Brazil to investigate the refinery incident and capture a URC courier named Shasif Hadi. Hadi reveals The Emir to be coordinating outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Clark, Chavez, Ryan, and Caruso then proceed to Las Vegas and apprehend The Emir, preventing him from blowing up the Yucca nuclear waste storage facility in the process. After returning to Virginia, they interrogate him by injecting him with succinylcholine and simulating a heart attack, allowing him to confess his crimes and reveal the plans behind Lotus. After a day of interrogations, the Emir was covertly given by The Campus to the FBI in order to be imprisoned and charged by due process of law.

Locked On

A year after the Emir's capture, he was being held at ADX Florence. He later drew rough sketches of his captors that had transferred him to the FBI. From the sketches, CIA Deputy Director Charles Sumner Alden identified Campus agents John Clark and Domingo Chavez. Alden then gave this information to Czech billionaire Paul Laska to be used to digg up information on Clark that could be used to discredit former President Jack Ryan who was running against President Ed Kealty in the 2008 Presidential Election. Despite this, Ryan was able to defeat Kealty and win the election. The Emir was subsequently transferred to Guantanamo Bay.


  • His prisoner id is 09341-000.


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