The T-100 Ogre is the SGB's main battle tank in EndWar.


The Ogre is a true beast on the battlefield. Its 152mm smoothbore gun is massive and powerful and its armor is one of the toughest in the world. When the T-100 lumbers onto the battlefield it enjoys a level of dominance unheard of since the Panzer VI Tiger tanks of World War II. The T-100 can even be fitted with anti-aircraft guns, allowing it to engage nearly any kind of enemy unit it encounters.[1]

Tech CommentaryEdit

If there's one thing the Russians have excelled at, it's making tough armored vehicles. In terms of raw firepower and armor, no other tank in the world matches the T-100. Its massive 152mm smoothbore gun is of a completely new design and dwarfs those of all other tanks. The range and full capabilities of the Ogre's main gun are a tightly kept secret. Standard T-100s are already incredibly lethal, but the SGB has continued to upgrade and modify these behemoths. One popular upgrade is to fit the Ogre with two 27mm anti-aircraft guns, one attached to each side of the turret. The Ogre can also be upgraded with a mine plow that enables it to carve channels through minefields.[2]. This helps compensate for Russia's lack of mine technology.

The actual thickness and composition of the T-100's armor is also a well kept secret, but it is known that the SGB employs a number of additional survivability features in the Ogre, such as next-generation explosive reactive armor. One of the reasons so little information is available on the Ogre is that the first T-100s rolled off the assembly lines in late 2018. This void of information has only led to widespread speculation, and very often, exaggeration of its abilities.

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