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"This is you're lucky night, sport!"
— "Stanley Kowalski"

"Stanley Kowalski" is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


"Stanley Kowalski" and his wife "Blanche Dubois" are a couple seen visiting Las Vegas. One night, they meet Victor Polizzi at a roulette table in a casino and introduce themselves. Stanley convinces the roulette dealer and manager to allow Victor to play with defaced money. Victor then wins his first bet and continues to go all-in, winning each time. Eventually, Stanley calls him crazy for going all-in again, but Victor manages to win again, earning $29,400. Stanley and Blanche congratulate Victor. Blanche kisses Victor and Stanley tells him that "this is your lucky night sport".

Stanley and Blanche later accompanied an intoxicated Victor back to his apartment to celebrate. Stanley is told by Victor that he can find ice in the kitchen for his drink. While in the kitchen, Blanche starts coming on to Victor who tries to tell her to stop as Stanley was in the next room over. Stanley then walks in to find Blanche on top of Victor on the couch. Victor notices Stanley and jumps ups, explaining that he hadn't touched her and that she was coming on to him. Stanley told Victor to relax and pushed him back on the couch and handed him a drink. Blanche then starts to have sex with Victor, while Stanley watched, revealing that he is a voyeur. Once Victor and Blanche had finished, Stanley took off his belt and approached Victor. Victor, thinking that he wanted to have sex with him as well, told Stanley that he wasn't gay only to be surprised when Stanley started beating him with his belt. Stanley continued to beat Victor who pleaded for him to stop. Blanche then walked into the room and told Stanley not to "beat him to badly", revealing that all of this was part their fetish. As Stanley was leaving, Victor stopped him and begged him to take the money he had won at the casino. Stanley declined, stating that Victor had earned that money and departed.