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Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Gen 7)
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Video Game
Genre: Stealth
Series: Splinter Cell
Platform: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows
Release date: XBox 360: October 17, 2006
PS2: October 24, 2006
XBox: October 24, 2006
GameCube: October 26, 2006
Windows: November 7, 2006
Wii: November 28, 2006
PS3: March 29, 2007
Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai
Ubisoft Montreal
Ubisoft Annecy
Ubisoft Milan
Publisher: Ubisoft
Status: Post-Release

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Note: Splinter Cell: Double Agent redirects here, for the Generation Six version of the game see Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Gen 6).

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a video game that features Sam Fisher as he once again works for the black-ops unit of the NSA called Third Echelon.

Double Agent was initially released on October 17, 2006 on the XBox 360 but was followed by the PlayStation 2, XBox, GameCube, Windows, Wii and PlayStation 3 versions shortly after. The game runs of the Unreal Engine 2.5 giving it superior lighting, shading and visual effects.

The game was developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, Montreal, Annecy and Milan and was published by Ubisoft. It was designed by Chris Smith, Hugues Martel, Julian Gerighty, Daniel Roy and Mathieu Ferland, and was composed by Michael McCann and Cris Velasco.


Single PlayerEdit

The game begins in September 2007, shortly after the events of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory as Sam Fisher and rookie John Hodge are being flown to Iceland to investigate suspicious activities at a geothermal plant. After he averts a missile strike by insurgents during which John dies, he is met by Colonel Irving Lambert aboard the Osprey to deliver bad news. Sarah Fisher, Sam's only child, has been killed by a drunk driver. Overcome with grief, he is unable to concentrate on his work and is pulled out of active service.

Shortly thereafter, Lambert offers him the rank of a NOC (nonofficial cover operative), hoping that it will help him refocus. NOCs are operatives with backgrounds from both the CIA and NSA, trained to infiltrate organizations for HUMINT purposes. The government denies any involvement in their activities. The NSA stages multiple bank robberies and killings to set up Fisher to infiltrate a domestic terror organization known as John Brown's Army (JBA). He is sent to Ellsworth Prison in Kansas where he is placed in the same cell block as Jamie Washington, a JBA member, and begins digging a tunnel for escape. By February 2008, Fisher helps Washington escape, and is welcomed into the JBA.

At their compound, Emile Dufraisne, the leader of the JBA, gives Sam the order to shoot Cole Yeager, the pilot of the helicopter used to escape the prison. If Fisher kills him, he will earn JBA trust and lose NSA trust. If he misses his shot on purpose, Jamie will kill Cole, and Sam will lose a little bit of trust with the JBA. This decision does not affect the rest of the storyline, unlike later decisions. He is then sent on a mission to take over a Russian oil tanker in the Sea of Okhotsk, while receiving radio contact from Enrica Villablanca, the JBA's weapons expert. Sam needs to take over the tanker so that JBA ally Massoud Ibn-Yussif can use it to deliver one of Emile's bombs.

As soon as Fisher is finished, he is quickly flown to the Jin Mao Hotel in Shanghai. CIA agent Hisham Hamza orders him to record a meeting between Emile and a Pakistani nuclear scientist, Dr. Aswat. During the meeting, Aswat sells Emile several kilograms of red mercury, a fictional explosive material that can detonate with the force of a thermonuclear bomb. With Third Echelon on high alert, Fisher is told to collect a sample from the safe in the meeting room. While he does this, Carson Moss, the JBA's head of security, radios in and orders him to steal notes from Aswat's hotel room. The NSA then orders the assassination of Dr. Aswat.

With both the red mercury and Dr. Aswat's notes, the JBA constructs a bomb which they wish to test. Emile sends Fisher to Cozumel to blow up a cruise ship. The success of the bomb is determined by the player and is therefore the first of the three major events. Fisher can choose to either let the bomb detonate, maintaining his cover with the JBA, prevent the explosion by jamming the signal, or framing Enrica by using her disarm code, if the player acquires it from her office during the third JBA HQ mission. Jamming the signal makes player lose JBA trust, while framing Enrica maintains both NSA and JBA trust. In both of these cases, non-detonation causes Dufraisne to kill Enrica in a fit of anger.

Emile then goes to a meeting in Kinshasa with Alejandro Takfir and Massoud Ibn-Yussif, allies of the JBA. Fisher bugs the meeting and finds out that the three terrorist leaders each have Red Mercury bombs. They plan to destroy Mexico City, Los Angeles and New York City. During the meeting, Hisham's cover is blown.

Emile orders Fisher to kill Hisham, who has fled to the Congolese presidential palace in Kinshasa. Fisher makes his way through Kinshasa, which is an all-out war zone between government forces and rebels. Fisher takes up a position from the top of a radio tower with a sniper rifle. Fisher may shoot Hisham, but if he spares his life, another section of the level is unlocked where Fisher extracts him from the palace. Fisher saves Hisham from the rebels, who took control of the presidential palace and rigged it with explosives.

When Fisher returns to the headquarters, he is ordered to shoot Lambert, who was captured sneaking around the complex. The player can decide to either shoot Lambert or Jamie Washington (deliberately wasting the shot will cause Washington to shoot Fisher in the head, killing him instantly). Shooting Lambert will maintain the JBA's trust, while shooting Washington will send the JBA into high alert and reveal Fisher as a traitor. Enrica, if she is still alive, discovers Fisher's NOC status, but allows him to pass into the labs underneath the HQ, even giving him his equipment if he does not have it already. When Sam arrives at the labs, he manages to kill Emile (and Washington if he did not kill him earlier) and disarms the bomb. A SWAT team then storms the compound, crashing in through the ceiling.

Multiple EndingsEdit

The ending depends upon completion of the following objectives: saving the cruise ship, Hisham, and Lambert.

  • Bad ending: If Fisher fails all three, or fails two and NSA standing is below 33%, he initially surrenders to the SWAT team, but immediately escapes using a smoke grenade.
  • Standard ending: If Fisher fails two, with NSA standing above 33%; or, completes two or more objectives with NSA standing below 33%, he is captured by the SWAT team, charged with murder and conspiracy to commit terrorism, and pleads 'not guilty'. After trial, however, Sam breaks out of prison and is on the run.
  • Good ending: If Fisher has NSA standing above 33% and completes two or more objectives, he evades capture and escapes the compound by incapacitating a SWAT officer and donning his stolen uniform. In the unlocked bonus level, the NYPD pursues Fisher through New York, but he boards a stolen Coast Guard vessel that Carson Moss is using to deliver the last bomb. Fisher kills Moss, disarms the bomb, and escapes the vessel seconds before it is destroyed. This ending is the only one that finishes with "To be continued..."

Coop ChallengesEdit

Codename: OnyxEdit

The Onyx group contains six missions that are intended for a range of players. These are the easiest of the coop challenges. The first two of the missions must be done solo.

Codename: ZirconEdit

The Onyx group contains six missions that are intended for players who are a little more familiar with the gameplay.

Codename: DiamondEdit

The Diamond group contains six missions that are intended for advanced players.

Codename: AmethystEdit

The Amethyst group is a combination of missions that have over time become available for download. To date there are a total of four missions available.


Single Player MissionsEdit

Coop ChallengesEdit

Codename: OnyxEdit

Codename: ZirconEdit

Codename: DiamondEdit

Codename: AmethystEdit

Multiplayer MapsEdit

Multiplayer SkinsEdit

While playing the multiplayer version of Double Agent players have the ability to change their outfit as they progress. A list of the outfits that can be selected are seen below.


Upsilon ForceEdit



Double Agent features a wide range of weapons and gadgets. A list of all the weapons can be seen below.

Sam FisherEdit


Upsilon ForceEdit

Downloadable ContentEdit

Currently the downloadable content for Double Agent is avaibable at no cost. The pack contains two new maps, Kinshasa and Secret base, which can be used to play the four extra challenges included in the pack. Aside from the new maps and challenges a new character becomes selectable, Spy Girl. Along with the character comes three outfits she can wear.


Main article: Splinter Cell: Double Agent Achievements

The Xbox 360 version of Double Agent features 38 Achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore.

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