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Spetsnaz Guard Brigade
SGB Logo - Smaller
Faction: Russian Federation
Division Details
Status: Active
Leader: Sergei Izotov
Motto: Any Mission, Any Time, Any Place.
Quote1 Any Mission, Any Time, Any Place.


Soldier for soldier, no force on the planet can match the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades in terms of raw, brute force. Hardened veterans of Russia's many regional conflicts, these tens of millions of troopers are a highly effective, determined, and deadly force. The Spetsnaz tend to focus on heavy weapons and heavy armor, and often ingeniously modify standard-issue equipment to suit their needs, resulting in vehicles bristling with bolted-on weaponry the original designer never dreamed of including.




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  • The Spetsnaz Guard Brigade is the only faction based off a real military force.

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