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Sandra "Sandy" Burns Clark (née O'Toole) is a nurse and the second wife of John Clark.


Sandy worked as a nurse at John Hopkins University in the 1960s. She married a man named Tim who deployed two months later to Vietnam as a Lieutenant. He then rotated back as a Captain and company commander in the First Calvary. He was killed during the war, however, leaving Sandy a widow. As a result, Sandy held some contempt for the Vietnam war and military life.

Without Remorse

In 1970, Sandy met John Kelly after was brought to the University hospital due to injuries he recieved from a shotgun black by Billy Grayson. Sandy consoled John who told her about his girlfriend Pam Madden and the circumstances that led to her death. Sandy told him that her death was not his fault and that he gave Pam love when no one else would.

Sandy later married Kelly who had changed his identity to John Clark. She went on to have two daughters: Patricia Clark and Margaret Clark.

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