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Sam Driscoll is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels.


Dead or Alive

A member of U.S. Army Rangers, Driscoll was in the Middle East searching for The Emir, the leader of the Umayyad Revolutionary Council terrorist group. While finding a cave filled with URC terrorists, Driscoll killed them while they were sleeping. This resulted in his immediate arrest and court marshal for war crimes. The Kealty administration later pushed for Driscoll's prosecution, leading former President Jack Ryan to announce his intention to run against Kealty in the 2008 Presidential election. After Ryan's announcement, all charges against Driscoll were dropped and he was given an honorable discharge from the military. John Clark later contacted Driscoll and recruited him into The Campus.

Dead or Alive

Locked On

Threat Vector

Command Authority

Full Force and Effect


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