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Sahim is a character that appears in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


Sahim was orphaned child living in the village of Korengal, Afghanistan in 2006. Since the U.S. military would regularly patrol the area, Sahim started to take their pictures with a personal camera and charged them $10 to get the photos from him. During one patrol, the USMC had been tasked to extract a family from the village that had been marked as collaborators by the Taliban. During the extraction, Sahim took the picture of First Lieutenant Jack Ryan. After Ryan paid him for the photo, Sahim begged him to let him go with them on their Black Hawk helicopter.

Sahim claimed that he wanted to get away from his village and wanted to go to a safe place. Ryan agreed and motioned Sahim to join them on the helicopter. Unfortunately, Sahim pulled the pin of a hidden grenade while the helicopter was airborne. The ensuing explosion caused it to crash and killed Sahim, the family, and thirteen Marines onboard. Ryan was the sole survivor of the crash but suffered critical injuries to his spinal cord. The U.S. military later labeled the incident as being caused by a malfunction.