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For the version of the character that appears in the novels and first film series, see Robert Ritter.

Robert Ritter is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


A CIA operative, Ritter traveled to Aleppo, Syria and joined a SEAL team on a mission to save a captive CIA operative named Randy. During the initial briefing, Ritter told the SEALs that the captors were suspected ISIS members and that Randy was being held at a safehouse. In reality, Ritter was fully aware that that the captors had been Russian military and that Randy was being held at a Russian arms depot. This fact was revealed to the SEALs after they rescued Randy when SEAL team leader John Kelly pointed out their Russian equipment. Before Ritter could be questioned further, they were attacked by an RPG, killing a SEAL member. Despite Kelly's protests to recover the SEAL's body and rescue Karen Greer who had been separated in the explosion, Ritter ordered them continue with Randy's extraction. Kelly disregarded this order and rescued Greer from approaching Russian military. Back at the helicopter, Ritter was again questioned by Kelly who called out his deceit and reminded him that a member of his team had been killed. Ritter disregarded these facts, telling Kelly that they were expendable. Kelly the attempted to assault Ritter but was told to stand down by Greer. Ritter then called in an airstrike to destroy the depot as they flew away.

Ritter confronted by Greer

Three months later, the FSB began assassinating members of the SEAL team, killing Rowdy King and Keith Webb and gravely injuring Kelly in less than twenty-four hours. Ritter briefed several high ranking officials of their deaths at the Pentagon. He attempted to portray the SEAL team as dirty and stated that the CIA was looking at all possibilities. Afterwards, Ritter was confronted by Greer who had also attended the meeting and was chastised for his false portrayal of her team.

Under the direction of CIA Director Dillard, Ritter briefed Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay and Greer of the FSB's involvement. Ritter told them that Yuri Zelin, the son of FSB head Nikolay Zelin, was killed by Greer's team during their mission in Syria and that the attacks on Kelly and the other SEAL members were payback. He then showed them dossiers of the men Kelly killed at his home. When Greer asked him about the missing dossier for fourth man who escaped, Ritter told them that there wasn't one and that it did not matter. Ritter explained that Dillard did not want to anger the FSB further and felt it better to bury the matter. As a result, Clay told Greer that unless Dillard believed that they should act, his hands were tied.

Speaking with Secretary Clay

Following the murder of Andre Vaseliev by John Kelly and the leak of the SEAL assassinstions to the public, Ritter approached Clay and told that the CIA did not leak them as they had been trying to cover them up. He then told Clay as a professional courtesy from Dillard that they believed Greer had given Kelly the intelligence documents relating to Vaseliev but they could not prove it. Ritter then expressed his concern that Vaseliev's death would send the wrong message to Moscow and that Kelly wouldn't be safe, even in prison. Clay stated that some situations warranted thinking outside the box. He then told Ritter that they should see what happens.

Ritter later met with Kelly at a safehouse with Clay, Dillard, and Greer. During the meeting, Kelly told them he had learned the name of the fourth man who had escaped: Viktor Rykov. Ritter initially told Kelly the details about Rykov was classified. After he was told by Clay to tell Kelly, Ritter told him that Rykov had special forces training with FSB connections and held beliefs that the West could be taken down with a series of strategic attacks. Ritter then said it was impossible for Kelly to have seen Rykov as he had been "sanctioned" by the CIA. To prove this, Ritter had Tran pull up a photo of Rykov in a photo lineup. To his surprise, however, Kelly choose the correct photo. Ritter then suggested that they capture him to prevent future attacks on the West. Kelly insisted on being placed on the recovery team. Clay initially opposed Kelly's inclusion and told Greer that she would be leading the mission. Kelly remained insistant and told Clay that if Rykov was as dangerous as they thought, they would need someone like him on the team. Greer recommended against it, citing Kelly's mental state, but Clay overruled her. Clay then told Kelly that he would return to prison as a felon after the mission.

Ritter traveled to Leipzig, Germany with Greer and Kelly as well as CIA Special Activities Division operatives Dallas, Thunder, and Hatchet. When asked by Thunder why they were taking a commerical flight to perform a HALO jump, Ritter told him that it was the safest way into Russia given the current tensions between both countries and that they can leave no U.S. presence behind during their mission. Thunder then asked how they would be extracted, prompting Ritter to tell him to read the mission briefing. Ritter then told Kelly he would meet them in Russia before departing.

After Ritter arrived in Russia, he learned that Kelly's plane was shot down by the Russian military due to another intelligence leak. Believing Kelly and the rest of the team were dead, Ritter hired Artem, Oleksiy, and several other mercenaries to help him capture Rykov and take him to a U.S. base in Finland. A short time later, however, Ritter was surprised by Kelly and the rest of the team who survived the crash. Kelly was suspicious that Ritter had leaked their mission and tried to get them killed. As a result, Kelly held Ritter at gun point and started choking him to demanded answers on what the real mission was. Ritter denied selling them out and that he was really there to capture Rykov. He then told Artem to explain why they were being paid in advance which caused Kelly to eventually release Ritter.

Ritter and the group then met up Oleksiy at an apartment adjacent from where Rykov was staying. They learned from Oleksiy that Rykov had two body guards with him while Kelly watched him through his scope. The team then made their way to through the apartment complex to Rykov with Kelly leading. However, Kelly went ahead and locked them out of a door. Kelly then continued ahead, intending to kill Rykov instead of extracting him.

The team later managed to get through the door and arrived to see Kelly speaking with Rykov who was wearing a suicide vest. Rykov revealed himself to be a deep cover agent for the CIA and that the deaths of the SEALs and Kelly's wife was the result of "true patriots" in Washington DC. Rykov then spoke of how both of their deaths would serve America and detonated the vest, killing himself. Ritter and the rest of the team were not injured by the explosion but were immediately ambushed by two snipers from an adjacent apartment. After the snipers killed two responding police officers, they realized that they were meant to be found and killed to start a war between the Unites States and Russia. The team was eventually able to subdue the snipers but Dallas and Thunder were left critically injured. After Dallas succumbed to his injuries, Kelly volunteered to stay behind to distract police while Ritter and the rest of the team escaped. Kelly suffered serious injuries from the firefight with police but was able to steal a police uniform and escape.

Greer later found Kelly and brought him to Ritter and the rest of the team. Through the help of Artem and the other mercenaries, they were able to escape the country by boat. Kelly pointed out how Rykov had mentioned that the conspiracy had started in Washington, prompting Ritter to tell Kelly to take a duffel bag of money on the boat. He then told him that he would be reported as KIA during their mission so that Kelly could find out who was responsible. A thankful Kelly then told Ritter that he was wrong about him.

Kelly later discovered that Secretary Clay had been behind the conspiracy. Kelly was able to record a confession from Clay before he drove him into the Potomac River, killing him. Ritter used this recording as leverage to allow Kelly to fake his death and give him a new identity: John Clark. A year later, Ritter had been promoted to Deputy Director of Operations at the CIA. He met up with Clark in Washington and heard his proposal to create a new multinational counter-terrorism team called Rainbow.