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"Randy" is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


"Randy" is the callsign of a CIA field operative. In late 2018, he was captured by mercenaries with Russian military connections and was held at a Russian arms depot in Aleppo, Syria. A SEAL team led by Karen Greer was sent on a mission to extract Randy under the direction of CIA operative Robert Ritter. Unbeknownst to the SEALs, they were told that Randy was being held at a safehouse by suspected pro-Assad paramilitary members. Randy was subsequently saved but the team was ambushed with an RPG, killing one SEAL and separating Greer from the rest of the team. Ritter ordered they continue with Randy's extraction instead of rescuing Greer, prompting John Kelly to join Greer. After a brief firefight, Kelly and Greer learned the true identities of the captors and regrouped with the rest of the team. They then left the area by helicopter as Ritter called in an airstrike to destroy the depot.

One casualty of the rescue mission was Yuri Zelin, the son of the head of the FSB, Nikolay Zelin. His death ultimatly led Nikolay to greenlight an operation to assassinate members of the SEAL team. This was also the first step of a larger conspiracy by Thomas Clay to start a war between the United States and Russia.