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RAINBOW is a multinational counter-terrorism unit, composed of elite soldiers from NATO countries, formed to address the growing problem of international terrorism. The term "Rainbow Six" refers to the director of the organization.


In 1996, John Clark wrote a memo to the CIA expressing concerns over the rise of international terrorism since the end of the Cold War and recommended the creation of a NATO response team to rapidly deploy to terrorist situations. The memo read:

There is good news and there is bad news. With the demise of the Soviet Union and other nation states with political positions adverse to American and Western interests, the likelihood of a major international confrontation is at an all-time low. This, clearly, is the best of good news.
But along with that we must face the fact that there remain many experienced and trained international terrorists still roaming the world, some with lingering contacts with national intelligence agencies—plus the fact that some nations, while not desirous of a direct confrontation with American or other Western nations, could still make use of the remaining terrorist “free agents” for more narrow political goals.
If anything, this problem is very likely to grow, since under the previous world situation, the major nation states placed firm limits on terrorist activity—these limits enforced by controlled access to weapons, funding, training, and safehavens.
It seems likely that the current world situation will invert the previous “understanding” enjoyed by the major countries. The price of support, weapons, training, and safehavens might well become actual terrorist activity, not the ideological purity previously demanded by sponsoring nation states.
The most obvious solution to this—probably—increasing problem will be a new multinational counterterrorist team. I propose the code name Rainbow. I further propose that the organization be based in the United Kingdom. The reasons for this are simple:
  • The U.K. currently owns and operates the Special Air Service, the world’s foremost—that is, most experienced—special-operations agency.
  • London is the world’s most accessible city in terms of commercial air travel—in addition to which the SAS has a very cordial relationship with British Airways.
  • The legal environment is particularly advantageous, due to press restrictions possible under British law but not American.
  • The long-standing “special relationship” between American and British governmental agencies.
For all of these reasons, the proposed special-operations team, composed of U.S., U.K., and selected NATO personnel, with full support from national-intelligence services, coordinated at site...

With backing from then CIA Director Ed Foley, Mary Pat Foley, General Mickey Moore, and selected others, Clark was able to get President Jack Ryan to approve the organization. Rainbow was officially formed in 1999 with Clark Given the simulated rank of Major General and the codename, "Six".

Rainbow Six

Soon after its inauguration, RAINBOW found itself responding to a series of seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks by the Phoenix Group, a radical eco-terrorist organization. Throughout its investigation, RAINBOW was assisted and advised by John Brightling, chairman of the powerful bio-tech corporation Horizon Inc.

However, RAINBOW eventually discovered that the Phoenix Group is actually a front for Horizon Inc itself. Brightling's company was developing a super-virus, codenamed "Shiva", with the ability to kill every human being on the planet. In order to protect "mother nature," John Brightling's plan was to kill the entire human race, sparing only his chosen few, who would re-emerge and rebuild the planet into a more scientific and environmentally-friendly utopia. To achieve this goal, he was to use the scattered terrorist attacks to create fear of terrorism, which he then exploited in order to secure a security contract for his own private security firm at the Olympic games. His "security personnel" was to unleash the virus at the games, spreading it to all the countries of the world.

RAINBOW succeeded in preventing the release of the virus at the Olympic games, and Brightling and his collaborators retreated to their Horizon Ark facility in the Brazilian jungle, from which they had originally planned to weather out the global holocaust. RAINBOW infiltrated the facility, killing all of Brightling's collaborators and captured Brightling himself.

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