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Pete Cortwright is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He is the Station Chief of the CIA Annex at the U.S Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen.


Following the demarche that suspended several SWIFT accounts in Yemen, Cortwright called the CIA T-FAD office in Washington D.C. in order to speak with the T-FAD group chief. Cortwright was surprised to have James Greer answer the phone, assuming that his aid had connected him to the wrong extension. Greer reluctantly told Cortwright that he was the group chief, subtly revealing his demotion from his position as the Karachi Station Chief. Cortwright told Greer that he was calling about the suspended accounts, only for Greer to state that he had not ordered any demarche. Despite that, Cortwright told Greer that a treasury officer in his office had submitted the demarche. Greer, realizing that economic analyst Jack Ryan had gone behind his back after his refusal to freeze the accounts earlier, told Cortwright that he would call him back before handing up so that he could confront Ryan about the matter.

After speaking with Ryan, Greer ordered the CIA Special Activities Division to survey the Yemen bank of the frozen accounts. Cortwright later called Greer to inform him that the SAD had picked up two men who had met with an employee at the bank to discuss the forzen accounts and had taken them to a black site in Yemen dubbed "Cobalt". This prompted Greer to have the U.S. Coast Guard pick up Ryan and take him to the Joint Base Andrews to join Greer on a flight to the black site to help the SAD interrogate the men.