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Not to be confused with the character Pat West.

"Oh, man, I remember when we had our first. Oh, my God, you think combat keeps you up at night, you just wait until that joker gets hungry. He gonna dropkick you."
— Pastor West to John and Pam Kelly.

Pastor West is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


West is a good friend of John Kelly and his wife, Pam. Three months after John's latest deployment to Syria, West invited them to a party at his home. He spoke with John about the latter's new job offer once he separated from the military and was told that it involved private security. West displayed his approval, telling John it was a big step from the military. He then asked Pam when she due to give birth and learned that it would be the following month. West then spoke a bit about when he had his first kid and playfully warned that their kid would keep them up all night. Pam then revealed to West and his wife that the pair was having a girl, prompting West to warn them further.

Following the supposed death of John and the murder of Pam, West led the service at their funeral.