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Paris is character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


In 2019, Paris was living in London with her brother Paul in a flat. One night, Paul brought home wanted assassin Max Schenkel whom he had met at a nightclub after matching with him on the Babaaroo dating app. While Paul and Max were making out, Paris walked in and asked Paul if he could quiet down as she had to wake up early. Paul apologized and introduced Max to her. Max then walked up to Paris and stated that it was a pleasure to meet her as he took her hand and kissed it.

Unfortunately, Max had no intention to have sex with Paul. Instead, Max took Paris hostage, revealing that he only matched with Paul because he head a similar look and build as him. Max threatened to kill Paris unless Paul went to a Steak & Co. restaurant in Leicester Square to meet with Rupert Thorne in his place as he believed the meeting was a possible sting. The next day, Paul carried out this task and was immediately detained by MI5 agents. He then told police that Max had forced him to go to the meeting in his place because Paris was being held hostage. Max then shot and killed Thorne from a nearby apartment, prompting Jack Ryan to pursue him through the city. It is unknown if Paris was killed by Max or left at her apartment to be found at a later point.