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For the version of the character that appears in the novel, see Patricia Kelly.

Pamela "Pam" Madden Kelly is a character who appeared in the film, Without Remorse. She was the wife of John Kelly.


Three months after John returned home from Syria, a heavily pregnant Pam attended a house party with her husband. Her and John spoke with Pastor West and told him of John's pending retirement from the military and his offer to work at a security firm. She then mentioned that they were expecting a daughter. Pam and her husband later returned home and entered the bedroom. After being kissed by John, Pam went to sleep while John went to the basement to listen to music.

A few hours later, however, FSB operatives cut the power to their home and entered. One operative entered the bedroom and shot and killed Pam with a silenced handgun. This operative was then killed by Viktor Rykov with the intent of further increasing tension between the United States and Russia. John was awake when the power was cut, however, and managed to kill all FSB operatives except for Rykov. John managed to injure Rykov but was shot multiple times himself. After Rykov escaped, John crawled to his bedroom to check on Pam. He then passed out on his bed after learning his wife and unborn child had been killed.

After healing from his injuries, John went rogue to find Rykov and avenge his family.