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Oscar is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He was a member of U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno's security detail in Venezuela.


In 2019, Oscar was on the security detail of U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno. He was present when U.S. Ambassador Lisa Calabrese met Senator Moreno and Jack Ryan at the airport in Caracas. Later, Oscar joined Moreno during his meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolás Reyes. The next day, Oscar drove Moreno's escort vehicle after they had left the hotel. Unfortunately, Venezuelan Police Captain Filiberto Ramos had been paid by Max Schenkel to lead the escort on different route. Not long after, the escort was ambushed by a white van which started to open fire on them. As one of the escort's bodyguards opened fire on the assailants, bombs planted in the road were detonated remotely, destroying all vehicles in the escort except for Moreno's. Oscar was heavily injured and knocked unconscious as a result of the explosions. Jack Ryan attempted to treat his wounded leg until the bodyguard came to the driver window and asked Ryan to unlock the door. After doing so, the bodyguard dragged Oscar's body out of the vehicle. Max Schenkel, who had set up a sniper rifle on a rooftop nearby, then shot and killed the bodyguard, resulting in Oscar's body falling to the ground. Max's continued fire on the vehicle prompted Jack Ryan's vain attempt to drive the vehicle away.