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Omer is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


Omer was a doctor working in Lebanon in the 1980s. A friend of Mousa bin Suleiman and Ali bin Suleiman, he took them in when they were orphaned due to the Lebanese War.

In 2018, Omer was living in a Muslim neighborhood known as the 93 in Paris, France with his two sons. His wife, Dalia, had died three years prior from cancer. One night, Ali traveled to Omer's home for medical attention for a bullet wound he had received the day before from police. The next day, Omer met with Ali after his kids awoke him and told him of lucky he was to have the bullet miss his pancreas by a few centimetres. Omer than asked Ali why he had come to his home instead of a hospital. Ali avoids the question and asks Omer where Dalia was. Omer informed him of her passing and made note of Ali's sketch book. Omer then pulled out a book where he kept drawings that Ali had made for him as a child as well as picture's of Ali's family before they were killed.

A few hours later, Ali pulled out a video game called "Au Bout de L'honneur" while Omer was helping his sons and used it to communicate with Mousa. Ali tells his brother that the French and Americans are looking for him. Mousa tells him that he has to leave Paris because if he gets caught then it's all over. He then tells Ali to leave no witnesses. Shaken and what his brother has ordered him to do, he turns and looks at Omer.

Jack Ryan and James Greer are helping the French authorities search for Ali when Greer happens upon one of Omer's sons. After Greer reassures the boy that he would not be in trouble, he tells Greer that Ali was currently staying with them. The police raid Omer's apartment but find only Omer and the children huddled in the kitchen. Omer tells the police about how he helped Ali. The children argue about playing video games and Ryan asks if they were playing video game that was running on the television. The children tell him that Ali had been playing it before he left. Sandrine Arnaud tells Omer that they know Ali was using the video game to communicate with his cell and that he had been ordered to kill him. She then asks Omer why he would help him as his children need their father and she will be forced to arrest them if he continues to protect Ali. Omer says that he just gave him his car to use but did not know where he was going. With this information, police track the GPS of Omer's car to locate Ali.