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Omar Rahbini is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


In 2018, Omar Rahbini and Mousa bin Suleiman met with a bank manager in Aeden, Yemen. CIA field operative Matice leads a small team to survey the meeting but are unable to discern what is being said due to poor audio equipment. Matice and the other operatives then follow Omar and Suleiman through the market and capture both men. They are then taken to a black site dubbed "Cobalt" for interrogation in regards to suspicious SWIFT transactions amounting to $9 million that were discovered by CIA analyst Jack Ryan. When Ryan and James Greer arrive at the site to interrogate both men, they learn that Omar still has his cell phone on him. Ryan calls the number attached to the suspicious accounts and Omar's cell phone rings. Omar is taken to a separate room where he is interrogated for hours while Suleiman is interrogated by Ryan, claiming to be Omar's bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Ali bin Suleiman infiltrates the black site by posing as a dead body for the American soldiers to inspect. Ali bin makes his way to the interrogation rooms as the site is attacked by Suleiman's men. Ali bin holds a U.S. Army soldier and gun point and orders him to take him to the prisoners. The soldier complies and takes him to Omar. Unfortunately for Omar, Ali bin is only there to retrieve his brother and shoots Omar, killing him.