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Nikolay Yevgeniyevich "Kolya" Grishanov is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Without Remorse[edit | edit source]

In 1970, Colonel Nikolay Grishanov was the sole interrogator of a secret POW camp overseen by the NVA. After Colonel Robin Zacharias was captured and taken to the camp, Grishanov lobbied his government to transport Zacharias and his fellow prisoners to the Soviet Union due to their knowledge of highly classified information. However, his attempts fail due to the increasing friction between the NVA and Soviets. This eventually led Grishanov to decide to kill the POWs.

U.S. Vice Admiral Dutch Maxwell secretly initiated an operation led by John Kelly to rescue Zacharias and the other POWs before they could be killed. Unfortunately, the mission was compromised by a KGB mole who had informed the Soviets. Despite this, Kelly managed to capture Grishanov while escaping the camp. He then uses Grishanov as leverage to transfer Zacharias and the other POWs to Hanoi Hill where they will be confirmed alive and eventually returned to the United States.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin[edit | edit source]

By 1986, Grishanov had become the Chairman of the Committee for State Security (KGB).

Apperances[edit | edit source]

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