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"In Venezuela, trust takes years to build. Or moments to purchase."
— Monica Herrera

Monica Herrera is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. She is a lawyer based in Venezuela and is involved in the assassination of U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno.


In 2019, Monica worked as a lawyer out of Caracas, Venezuela. She frequently acted as a middle-man for organized crime. During one instance, she was used by Venezuelan President Nicolás Reyes and U.S. Senator Mitchell Chapin to hire Max Schenkel to assassinate U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno. Once Max was notified of the job, he visited her office to receive his payment. After telling her secretary Hugo to get the air conditioning fixed, Monica greeted Max and invited him into her office. Once inside, she reassured Max that the office was not bugged as Hugo had swept it that morning and she had been there the entire time. Max then sat down and told Monica that he would concerned of the rushed time frame, only to be told that it could not be adjusted. Monica then slipped Max a dossier concerning the job, revealing to Max that he had also been contracted to kill Moreno's aide, Jack Ryan. Surprised, Max told Monica that he did not do extra work for the same money. Monica responded by stating that she understood and wrote Max another check. She then told Max that the new check would be added to his second payment once the job was complete. Monica then asked if they would be going through Rupert Thorne again. Ignoring the question, Max handed her his bank account and SWIFT routing numbers. Monica then handed Max a key to a storage unit in Almacenes Solis which held the equipment he had requested. With their meeting coming to a close, Max asked Monica if he could have someone reliable on Moreno's security detail. Monica laughed at the request, telling Max that it takes years to earn trust in Venezuela or moments to purchase. This later led Max to hire a captain of the Venezuelan police named Filiberto Ramos. The next day, Max was successful in assassinating Moreno through Ryan had managed to escape.

A few days later, Ryan and James Greer learned of Herrera's involvement with Moreno's assassination and drove to her office. Both men introduced themselves to Hugo, claiming that they were Canadian businessmen and that they wanted her to help them set up a local coffee company for them. Hugo then asked for Greer's name and was told "Timothy Horton". Afterwards, Hugo told them to sit and wait for Herrera to see them. During this time, Monica had called President Reyes, having recognized Ryan through her security cameras. A short time later, Reyes sent soldiers to collect Ryan and Greer and bring them to him to speak in person.

Following Reyes declaration of U.S. citizens as persona non grata and Greer's kidnapping by Reyes' men, CIA Station Chief Mike November broke into Monica's office to find proof that she had paid Max to kill Monroe on the behalf of Reyes. Mike found documents that showed the hit had come from a company named Volger Industries which was owned by two shell companies, Northlake Allied and Cinco Palmas. They also revealed that Monica had filed the LLC for Cinoc Palmas which had been submitted by Reyes, proving his ownership. Using this information, Ryan later learned that Northlake Allied was owned by Senator Mitchell Chapin and confirmed it by obtaining Rupert Thorne's phone which Chapin had frequently called.