Mikhail Andreyevitch Loskov (a.k.a. Kestrel and Glib Lakeav) is a Russian agent working for Voron, Third Echelon's Russian counterpart.


Most of Mikhail's military dossier is classified. What is known is that he is no stranger to death, misery, and misfortune. His parents were killed when he was six. He had a tempestuous and violent relationship with his foster father, and at the age of fourteen he ran away from home to live on the streets for four years. after numerous run-ins with local police he was arrested and turned over to the army for his period of conscription. Loskov thrived in brutal of Russian army life, and was quickly transferred to a special counterinsurgency charged with tracking down and neutralizing Chechen guerrillas and Wahhabists fighters in the Chechen capital of Grozny.

After an incident where his entire unit was ambushed and subsequently captured, he endure three days of unspeakable torture before the Spetsnaz came to his rescue. After reading his report, an SVR officer named Viktor Korvalev approached Loskov to discuss a new, special operation group dedicated to high-risk infiltration and information gathering. From that day on he was known as "Kestrel".

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  • "Glib Lakeav" is an alias of Mikhail Loskov.


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