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Max Schenkel is a character and the secondary antagonist in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He is a former BND asset turned hired assassin who killed U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno.


Max Schenkel was once a member of the KSK and was personally responsible for recruiting Harriet Baumann. During one mission in Afghanistan, Harriet made several costly mistakes that resulted in numerous death. Max took the blame to cover for Harriet and was forced out of the KSK. Not long after, Max and Harriet accepted offers to join the BND. Max later fathered a child named Annabelle Schenkel with an unknown woman. A few years later in 2016, Max left the BND and became a professional assassin. He frequently visited his daughter who was attending King Edward University in England but did not tell her of his new profession. During one visit, Max gifted her a knife from South America and told her that he would have to go away for longer than usual. He then gave her a phone that she could use to reach him under the contact "Ripley". Confused, Annabelle asked him if everything was okay and Max reassured her that it was.


In 2019, Max was notified of a job to kill U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno who was in Venezuela. Max followed Moreno to Venezuela and met up with Monica Herrera, who was acting on behalf of U.S. Senator Mitchell Chapin. Inside Herrera's office, Max was reassured that the office was not bugged as Hugo had swept it that morning and she had been there the entire time. Max then sat down and told Monica that he was concerned of the rushed time frame, only to be told that it could not be adjusted. Monica then slipped him a dossier concerning the job, revealing to Max that he had also been contracted to kill Moreno's aide, Jack Ryan. Surprised, Max told Monica that he did not do extra work for the same amount of money. Monica told him she understood and wrote another check. She then told Max that the new check would be added to his second payment once the job was complete. Monica then asked if they would be going through Rupert Thorne again. Ignoring the question, Max handed her his bank account and SWIFT routing numbers. Monica then handed Max a key to a storage unit in Almacenes Solis which held the equipment he had requested. With their meeting coming to a close, Max asked Monica if he could have someone reliable on Moreno's security detail. Monica laughed at the request, telling Max that it takes years to earn trust in Venezuela or moments if purchased.

This later led Max to greet a captain of the Venezuelan police named Filiberto Ramos who also happened to be on Moreno's police detail. After making Ramos' acquaintance, Max paid him three thousand dollars to take a different route the next day while escorting Moreno. The next day, Ramos directed Moreno's convoy through a side street as Max had intended, leading to an ambush. Max set up a sniper rifle on a nearby rooftop and killed several of Moreno's security team. Moreno had attempted to escape but was ultimately shot and killed by Max. Despite this, Jack Ryan managed to escape.

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A few days later, Max found Ryan's hotel room and entered while he was out. To attract Ryan's attention on his return, Max flooded thr bathroom by overfilling the tub and hid behind the door. When Ryan entered and tried to shut the water off, Max sprang forward and tried to drown him. Ryan was able to gain his footing and the two entered a brief struggle. As Ryan tried to escape, Max grabbed a trash bag and held it over his face to suffocate him. Ryan continued to struggle and pulled out a switch blade, stabbing Max twice in the leg and then his left eye. With Max screaming in pain, Ryan called out to James Greer for help. Max then fled the scene as Greer arrived and was subsequently pursued by Greer. Max was ultimately able to escape due to Greer suffering from an underlying heart condition.

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Max later came into contact with Harriet and learned that Ryan had traveled to England to see Annabelle. Max beat Harriet and called Ryan on her phone, asking to speak to his daughter. After Ryan asked about Harriet, Ryan told Max that he would let Annabelle go on the condition that Max tell him who hired him to kill Jimmy Moreno. Max agreed on the condition that they meet in-person.

Max later met Ryan and Annabelle at the University and Ryan let her go as promised. Ryan then asked Max if Venezuelan President Nicolás Reyes had hired him to kill Moreno only to be told that he was not. Max then told Ryan that he was not there to unburden him and pulled out his weapon. Before he could fire, however, Max was shot in the back of the head by an injured Harriet and killed. Shortly after, Annabelle returned and scrambled to her father's lifeless body. Unaware of Max's true killer, Annabelle told Harriet that she believed he had been killed by Ryan and that he wasn't an assassin. Annabelle then broke down crying in Harriet's arms as police arrived to the scene.