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Marcus "Uber" Bishop is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He is He is a former U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman who was later recruited by Matice.


Bishop hails as a former U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman. His service earned him two purple hearts and a bronze star. Despite this, he later separated from the military after failing out of BUD/S to become a SEAL. He returned to Tampa, Florida to live with his grandmother Yvonne Bishop and made a living by repairing yachts.

One day after making repairs to Ken's yacht, Bishop returned home to find Matice chatting with his grandmother. After moving inside, Matice asked if Bishop he could drive their boat in an upcoming mission. This was because Matice had previously worked with Bishop on missions such as Operation Pit Viper and knew that he was the best skipper available. Bishop refused Matice's offer, stating the he was done with military life. Matice explained that he wasn't trying to reenlist Bishop and that it actually benefited him that he was no longer in the military as the mission was "off the books". Bishop again declined the offer, prompting Matice to poke fun at his current lifestyle before telling him that he would give him 24 hours to think about it. Bishop again declined and told Matice to leave. As he was departing, Matice pointed to an old photo of Bishop in uniform and said that he had looked happy back then.

The next day, Bishop found Matice at his car while he was returning from work. Matice offered to pay him $15K to be his driver, promising another $15K once the job was complete. Bishop once again declined, even after Matice offered to raise the payment to two installments of $20K. Fed up, Matice told Bishop that it didn't matter that he washed out of BUD/S, that he was the one people counted on to save them in order to survive. Matice then took the money and told Bishop to be at X-Hanger at McDill Air Force Base the following morning and that he would not be asking a third time. The next day, Bishop arrived at the hangar and formally accepted Matice's offer.

In Orinoco, Uber gets the team into the jungle but is ordered to stay with the boat so they can escape quickly. However he leaves the boat and gets trapped when the guards chase the Special Activities team away, taking the boat with them. He spends some time wandering in the jungle while Matice and the rest of the team come back to rescue him.