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"I especially enjoy writing Jack Ryan. He’s such a good, honest archetype of a character. The cool thing about Jack is that he’s so strong and so vulnerable at the same time. I wanted to be sure I got him exactly right, so I wrote a lot of drafts of the chapters with him."
— Marc Cameron

Marc Cameron is an American novelist. He is best known for writing several novels in the Ryanverse as well as for the Jericho Quinn series of action adventure novels.


Cameron was born and raised in Texas in 1961, and graduated from Weatherford High School in 1980. He later spent 29 years in law enforcement as a police officer. In early 1991 he became part of the United States Marshals Service, specializing in dignitary protection, and moved through the ranks until finally retiring as chief of the district of Alaska in 2011 in order to pursue writing full-time. He published his first novel, National Security, which became critically acclaimed.

Cameron became a fan of Tom Clancy from reading The Hunt for Red October as a rookie policeman. Later on, his friend and writer Mark Greaney suggested him to his editor Tom Colgan when he was planning to step away from the Jack Ryan franchise.

The Real Book Spy announced Greaney's departure from the Jack Ryan ranchise on February 20, 2017, and introduced Cameron to replace him as writer of the novels slated for winter release. Cameron's first entry in the series, Power and Empire, was published in November 2017 and debuted at number six on the New York Times bestseller list.