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Marabel is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


Following the recovery of Hanin Abdullah and her daughters Sara Suleiman and Rama Suleiman in Turkey, the CIA flew them back to the United States and had them stay at a safe house in Annandale, Maryland. Marabel was the agent-in-charge at the safe house and had numerous agents posted at the site in order to protect Hanin and her daughters. At one point, Marabal left to obtain gifts for Sara and Rama to keep them occupied. When she returned, she was greeted by Doug who told her that nothing had changed since she had left. Marabel then greet Hanin and gave her some spices for a meal she had been cook. She then proceeded to give Sara a Nintendo DS which she gratefully accepted.

This proved to be a grave mistake on Marabel's part as Sara used the DS to contact her brother Samir Suleiman later that night to tell him that they were safe in America. This ultimately compromised a mission undertaken by a Delta Force team to assassinate Hanin's husband, Mousa bin Suleiman. Mousa found Samir's DS and Sara's messages and surmised that his compound's location had been compromised and promptly fled through an underground tunnel with Samir and his men.