The M5 Schwarzkopf is the United States of America's Main Battle Tank featured in EndWar. It's effective against transports, artillery, riflemen (protected or unprotected), and unprotected engineers. It's vulnerable to gunships, and engineers in cover or garrisoned. It's also able to run over minor obstacles.


The Pentagon likes to refer to the M5A2 Schwarzkopf as the world's premier main battle tank (MBT), and it's easy to see why. This MBT is the pride of the JSF and can endure massive punishment while dealing out the same. Its 120mm smoothbore cannon is capable of blasting apart enemy fortifications, while its advaced fire control system gives it unsurpassed accuracy. Unlike the M118 Fastback, the M5A2 is not fitted with a hybrid engine and instead relies solely on fossil fuels to feed its massive gas turbine power plant.

The M5 is a very powerful machine. It has both older weapons, like the M256 120mm smoothbore, and newer weapons, such as the RAVEN 20mm chain gun. This mix makes a deadly combination. Its state-of-the-art fire control system gives the Schwartzkopf accuracy previously unheard of, making rivals with even the T-100 Ogre, aka "The Tiger I of WWIII." The M5 would see action in EndWar, destroying scores of tanks.

Tech CommentaryEdit

Named after General Norman Schwarzkopf, this mounted combat system is yet another example of the end results from the Future Combat Systems program. While its primary armament, a 120mm smoothbore cannon, is essentially unchanged from tanks of previous generations, the rounds it's capable of firing are updated to be much more punishing. The M5A2 is a mix of the old and the new. It still has the tried and true .50 caliber coaxial heavy machine gun, but can now be fitted with the RAVEN 20mm chain gun. It has an engine that runs on fossil fuels but its advanced fire control system gives it a level of accuracy that is unheard of. The Schwarzkopf can even be equipped with an advanced active defense system which provides added protection against an array of high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) weaponry.

An active defense system helps improve upon the unit's already impressive survivability. The lack of a hybrid engine also means the Schwarzkopf is a costly asset to put into action, especially considering the fantastically high price of gasoline in the year 2020. Every attempt has been made to make its gas turbine engine as fuel-efficient as possible, but it is still consumes at least double the amount of fuel that the M118 requires.[1]

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