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Lisa Calabrese is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. She is the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela.


Lisa Calabrese is the ex-wife of Mike November, having married and divorced from his twice. In 2019, she was the U.S Ambassador to Venezuela and worked out of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas alongside November who was the CIA Station Chief.


She later met Senator Jimmy Moreno and his aide Jack Ryan at the airport and accompanied them to the Miraflores Palace to meet with Venezuelan President Nicolás Reyes. Moreno and Ryan were there to confront Reyes about a Cypriot vessel with ties to the Russians, which has dropped off containers of weapons in Venezuela. Tensions are high during the meeting and Reyes denies any involvement in the shipment. The next day, Lisa was part of Moreno and Ryan's convoy that was being led by Venezuelan Police Captain Filiberto Ramos. Ramos later purposefully redirects the convoy which son finds itself ambushed by a white pickup truck. As a gunman fires from the white pickup, a car bomb under the road goes off destroying the security car behind the Senator. Lisa injures her hand as a result of the explosion and becomes hysterical from the situation. Ryan calms her down and has her press down on her wound before checking on Moreno.

A rooftop sniper, Max Schenkel, then starts firing and Ryan decides to drive away from the ambush. The next block over, a small truck rams the car again, killing the engine, jamming the doors, and lighting a fire. Ryan exits the car and opens Lisa's struck passenger door as smoke fills the vehicle. He then pulls Lisa to safety at a nearby curbside. As Moreno leaves the vehicle to join them, however, Schenkel fires upon him, killing him. Venezuelan police then arrive and take Lisa and Ryan to receive medical attention.