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"Buddy, they're gonna write songs about all the shit you messed up."
— Townsend to John Kelly

Kevin Townsend is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


In 2019, Townsend worked as an officer for the U.S. Marshals Service. Following John Kelly's incarceration for the murder of Andre Vaseliev, Townsend was sent by Karen Greer to the prison Kelly was being held at to retrieve him. Upon his arrival, Kelly had assaulted and several prison guards and taken them hostage after they tried to kill him under orders from the Russian Mafia. Townsend pushed through a crowd of guards and reached Kelly's cell. He then handed him a phone to speak with Greer. Afterwards, Townsend escorted Kelly out of the prison and drove him to a CIA safehouse to meet with Greer, Robert Ritter, CIA Director Sarah Dillard, and Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay.