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"No, no, no. He's just a bit of a smart-ass. No, thats not right. I'm the smart-ass."
— Keith Webb

Keith Webb is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


Webb was a member of a SEAL team led by John Kelly that entered Aleppo, Syria in late 2018. Under the direction of CIA operative Robert Ritter, the team traveled to a supposed safehouse of suspected pro-Assad paramilitary members to rescue Randy, a captive CIA operative. After rescuing him, however, they learn that Ritter had lied about the captors who are revealed to be Russian military and that they had entered a Russian arms depot. They were then ambushed by an RPG, killing one SEAL. After a brief firefight, they returned to their helicopter and left as Ritter called in an airstrike on the depot.

Three months later, Webb was driving home from the bar and was on the phone with his girlfriend. While at a stop, FSB operatives jumped out from the back of a van and shot Webb repatedly until he was dead. This was done in retaliation for his role in Syria and was part of a larger conspiracy to start a war between the United States and Russia.