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Lieutenant Commander Karen Greer is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


In late 2018, Greer led a SEAL team on an extraction mission in Aleppo, Syria. Under the direction of CIA operative Robert Ritter, the team traveled to a supposed ISIS safehouse to rescue Randy, an apparent CIA operative taken hostage. After rescuing him, however, they learn that Ritter had lied about the captors who are revealed to be Russian military and that they had entered a Russian arms depot. They were then ambushed by an RPG, killing one SEAL and causing Greer to be separated from them. Kelly disregarded an order from Ritter to continue with the extraction and dropped down to rescue Greer from the approaching Russian military. Back at the helicopter, Ritter was again questioned by Kelly who called out his deceit and reminded him that a member of his team had been killed. Ritter disregarded these facts, telling Kelly that they were expendable. Kelly then attempted to assault Ritter but was told by Greer to stand down. Ritter then called in an airstrike to destroy the depot as they flew away.

Three months later, Greer had obtained a special assignment to work directly for the DoD at the Pentagon. It was at this time, however, that FSB operatives began killing members of Greer's old SEAL team in retaliation for Syria. In less than twenty-four hours, Keith Webb and Rowdy King were killed while John Kelly was gravely injured and his wife Pam Kelly was murdered. At the Pentagon, Greer and several high ranking officials were briefed on the killings by Ritter. During the meeting, Ritter did not tell them of FSB involvement and attempted to portray Greer's SEAL team as dirty and stated that the CIA was looking at all possibilities. Afterwards, Greer confronted Ritter and chastised him for his false portrayal of her team.

Greer then visited Kelly in his hospital room and broke the news that his child had not survived the attack. She then told him that they did not yet know who was behind the attack or why. In response, Kelly told her that the attackers killed one of their own during the assassination attempt and that a fourth operative escaped. He then asked Greer to find him the fourth man's name.

Greer was later approached by Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay. Clay told her that he had previously worked with her uncle, Jim Greer, and proceeded to ask her several questions about Kelly. Clay then invited Greer to a meeting with Ritter to discuss new information about the assassinations. Ritter told them that Yuri Zelin, the son of FSB head Nikolay Zelin, had been killed by Greer's team during their mission in Syria and that the attacks on Kelly and the other SEAL members was payback. He then showed them dossiers of the men Kelly killed at his home. When Greer asked him about the missing dossier for the man who escaped, Ritter told them that there wasnt one and that it did not matter. Ritter explained that CIA Director Dillard did not want to anger the FSB further and felt it was better to bury the matter. As a result, Clay told Greer that unless Dillard believed they should act, his hands were tied.

Furious at Ritter and the CIA, Greer met up with Kelly after his physical training. She poured him a drink and told him what Ritter had briefed her. Greer then handed Kelly the dossiers of the men he had killed and told him they did not have anything one who escaped. Despite this, she explained that Russian diplomat Andrej Vaseliev issued their passports and that he would know the name of the missing man. Kelly later confronted and killed Vaseliev, learning the name of the fourth man who shot him and escaped his home.

Greer later met Kelly in prison. He told her that he had information to give Clay which he would only give if he was released from prison. As he was being taken back to his cell, Kelly told Greer he would need to be released quickly as he was in a prison full of Russian mob who would want revenge over Vaseliev's death. As expected, Clay cleared Greer to get Kelly released. She sent Kevin Townsend to retrieve Kelly. Townsend gave Kelly a cell phone so that Greer could speak to him. She told him to follow Townsend and that he could be trusted.

Greer met met with Kelly at a safehouse along with Clay, Dillard, and Ritter. During the meeting, Kelly told them the name of Viktor Rykov. Ritter that Rykov was known to have special forces training with FSB connections and held beliefs that the West could be taken down with a series of strategic attacks. Ritter then said it was impossible for Kelly to have seen Rykov as he had been "sanctioned" by the CIA. Kelly disproved this, however, by correctly identifying Rykov in a photo line up. Ritter then suggested that they capture him to prevent future attacks on the West. Kelly insisted on being placed on the recovery team. Clay initially opposed Kelly's inclusion and told Greer that she would be leading the mission. Kelly remained persistant and told Clay that if Rykov was as dangerous as they thought, they would need someone like him on the team. Greer recommended against it, citing Kelly's mental state, but Clay overruled her. Clay then told Kelly that he would return to prison as a felon after the mission.

Greer, Kelly, and Ritter were then flown to Leipzig, Germany where they met CIA Special Activities Division operatives Dallas, Thunder, and Hatchet.