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Jeremy Bright is a character featured in season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He is an intelligence agent with MI5.


Jeremy is an intelligence agent with MI5. During his time with the agency, he had become acquainted with Harriet Baumann. In 2019, Jeremy met with Baumann and Jack Ryan at a local pub in London. At the meeting, Jeremy first expressed his surprise to see Harriet as he had thought she had died in Tripoli. He then asked Ryan why he was interested in Eprius, a London based PMC. Ryan stated that he suspected they were involved in the assassination of U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno. Jeremy said he would not be surprised if it were true as MI5 had an open dossier on the company. When Ryan asked why, he told him it was because they had smuggled weapons over international borders, illegally trained local militia, forcibly removed natives from their land, and more. Ryan then asked Jeremy if he could help them get in contact with Eprius' CEO Rupert Thorne. Jeremy agreed to illegally freeze Eprius' accounts if Harriet could give him all of the information BND had on a German girl living in Edgware. Harriet later fulfilled this request, prompting Jeremy to freeze the accounts as requested.

Jeremy later traveled to Eprius' headquarters with Harriet and Ryan. During the meeting, Thorne first threatened to sue the British Government for the illegal freezing of Eprius' accounts. Harriet said it was fine if he did and asked Jeremy how long it would take to sort out in court. Jeremy guessed it would probably take two or more years. Harriet then mocked Thorne for what would be his inability to pay his employees due to their accounts being frozen while the issue was in court. With that in mind, Thorne agreed to talk if their accounts were unfrozen after the meeting. Ryan asked Thorne if Venezuelan President Nicolás Reyes had hired Eprius to guard a mining site in Venezuela owned by Reyes. Thorne denied this, stating that the work was contracted out to a company called Vogler Industries based in Stockholm. Ryan then pulled out a sketch of Max Schenkel and asked Thorne if he recognized him. Thorne told them that Eprius had worked with Schenkel in the past under a different identity. When Ryan asked what work he had done with them, Thorne made it clear that they only make introductions between clients. In Schenkel's case, Eprius put him together with a company in Venezuela called Cinco Palmas through Monica Herrera. Ryan informed Thorne that it was a shell company, only to be told by Thorne that he was well aware of that fact. Thorne then said that everything was done through an encrypted email account and that he was simply a middle man.

Thorne was later convinced by Jeremy to contact Schenkel and arrange for a meeting at a restaurant named Steak & Co. in Leicester Square where MI5 had planned to arrest him. Jeremy oversaw the operation and had MI5 snipers posted on the nearby rooftops. Unfortunately, the person who walked in was a look alike named Paul who's sister Paris had been kidnapped by Schenkel to force Paul to go to the meeting in his place. Moments later, Thorne was shot in the head and killed by Schenkel who had posted himself in a nearby apartment. Ryan ran out of the restaurant and spotted Schenkel as he was fleeing. A chase ensued but Schenkel ultimately escaped. Back at the restaurant, Jeremy questioned Ryan on Schenkel's true identity while MI5 agents questioned Harriet. Ryan explained that he was a hired assassin and that he had worked started working with Harriet a week before in Venezuela. Jeremy then asked if Ryan knew what else Harriet was hiding from them but Ryan said he was in the dark as well. Jeremy then told Ryan to hand over his weapon as MI5 would take over the investigation. Ryan reluctantly complied and placed his weapon on the table. Before Ryan left, Jeremy advised him to be cautious around Harriet, stating that she only cared about herself.

Sometime later, Ryan returned to Venezuela and had Mike November break into Monica Herrera's office to find proof of Reyes' involvement in the assassination of Senator Moreno. November discovered that Reyes was the legal owner of Cinco Palmas and half of Volger Industries while the other half was owned by a company called Northlake Allied. With this information, Ryan called Harriet and asked her to steal Thorne's phone from Jeremy to out more about Northlake Allied. After Harriet stole the phone and sent it to Ryan, he discovered that Northlake was owned by his boss, U.S. Senator Mitchell Chapin, proving Chapin's connection in the assassination.