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For the version of the character that appears in the novel and first film series, see James Greer

"Savvy, dedicated and hard-nosed, Jack’s boss is a hot-head whose personal demons have wrecked his family life and derailed his work as a legendary CIA operative. Demoted to a desk job, Greer is eager to get back to the front lines in the War on Terror."
— Character Description

James "Jim" Greer is a character that appears in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. A careerist in the CIA, he is a close friend and former boss of Jack Ryan.


Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Greer is a former officer in the United States Navy. He later separated from the military to start a career in the CIA. Greer eventually met his future wife, Jasmine, and converted to Islam in order to marry her. The pair conceived two children: J.J. in 2004, and Monique in 2006. Unfortunately, Greer and Jasmine suffered from marital problems as a result of Greer's job in CIA, leading them to file for divorce.

Greer later became the CIA Chief of Station in Karachi, Pakistan. He eventually discovered a potential asset in the form of the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Pakistani Army. Greer knew the man had been suffering from money and marital problems and had been showing signs that he would agree to espionage. Greer set up a meeting in the back room of a tea house and attempted to turn the man. However, the man was nervous of the potential consequences and changed his mind in the middle of the meeting. He then threatened to throw Greer in a Pakistani prison for the next ten years. Fearing for his life, Greer promptly stabbed the man who died at he table and walked out of the building before anyone could notice.

Publicly, the Pakistani Government stated that the man had died of a heart attack. Privately, they were furious with the U.S. Government. Likewise, the incident enraged several high ranking CIA personnel such the CIA Director Sue Joyce. Greer was declared "persona non grata" by the Pakistani Government and he was subsequently sent back to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia and demoted to be the new Group Chief of the CIA's Terror, Finance, and Arms Division (T-FAD).

Season 1

Greer is the new head of Terror, Finance, and Arms Division (T-FAD). He was demoted from working in Karachi after having killed an asset who was going to have him tortured. He helps Jack Ryan on his search for Suleiman. Together they travel to Yemen and Paris on the hunt for this new terrorist. He helped Jack save Hanin from Yazid. When they realized that Suleiman was using American hostages as carriers for Ebola, the President was confined to Washington Memorial Hospital. Greer turned the car around and headed for the hospital after Jack realized that Suleiman was planning another attack there. He helped search the hospital for Suleiman and saved Cathy's life by killing Dudayev in the elevator. He was promoted to deputy station chief in Moscow for having helped foil the terrorist attack.

Season 2

Greer is working in Moscow as the Deputy Station Chief.




  • In Sources and Methods, Greer tells Tony Ahmet Demir that he is from Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a reference to the birthplace of the real Admiral James Agustin Greer who was a Civil War Rear Admiral who served in the U.S. Navy from 1848 to 1895.

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