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Jack Patrick Ryan, Ph.D., is the protagonist of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series. Armed with a PhD in economics and guided by a strict moral compass. this rookie CIA analyst uncovers a major terrorist plot. Smart, wry and resourceful, Ryan soon finds himself in the field, where his combat background as a Marine proves invaluable.


Jack Ryan was born on May 17th in 1982. On June 22, 2000, Ryan commissioned in the United States Marine Corps as a Second Lieutenant. Working as an Infantry Officer, Ryan was assigned to the 5th Battalion 10th Marines. Ryan later deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. While patrolling the village of Korengal, Ryan and his team were tasked with extracting a family that had been marked as collaborators by the Taliban. While returning to the Black Hawk helicopter, a local orphan named Sahim begged Ryan to take him with them so that he could go someplace safe. Ryan agreed and motioned Sahim to join them on the helicopter. Unfortunately, Sahim pulled the pin of a hidden grenade while the helicopter was airborne. The ensuing explosion caused it to crash and killed Sahim, the family, and thirteen Marines onboard. Ryan was the sole survivor of the crash.

Ryan's commanding officer, Jimmy Moreno, was the first responder to the crash site. Despite suffering critical injuries to his spinal cord, Moreno stabilized him. Moreno then escorted Ryan to Bagram Air Base and joined him on a C-130 transport to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. After receiving three surgeries to his spine, Ryan awoke a month later. Moreno was the first person Ryan saw after awakening and visited Ryan every day while he was in the hospital for the next three months. Following his recovery, Ryan was medically discharged from the military due to his injuries. The U.S. military labeled the incident as being caused by a malfunction.

Ryan went on to obtain a Ph.D. in economics and then took a job at a private bank on Wall Street where he worked for Joe Mueller. Ryan later left Wall Street in 2013 and was recruited by the CIA to become a financial analyst. After completing his training at The Farm, Ryan was assigned to the Terror Finance and Arms Division in Washington D.C. and was tasked with monitoring Yemen SWIFT network transactions.

Season 1

Jack Ryan is pulled into the field after having discovered suspicious financial transactions coming from Yemen. He thinks that they may be linked to a terrorist leader named Suleiman. He meets Cathy Muller at her father Joe Muller's birthday party. Before he can get to know her more he's picked up by a helicopter and taken to Yemen. In Yemen, two men are being interrogated as both are suspected to be responsible for the payments. The U.S. camp they are being detained in is attacked and the terrorists rescue one of the men who Jack comes to realize is Suleiman.

Jack makes a special visit to the hospital to see Cathy. Cathy gives Jack her number. Jack learns Suleiman's real identity is really Mousa Bin Suleiman. They pull his phone records which leads them to Paris. Jack, along with French intelligence, raid the apartment they suspect Suleiman is in. Suleiman's brother, Ali, manages to escape. Jack pursues him but stops when the apartment above him explodes.

Jack follows Ali to southern France. Jack and Sandrine corner Ali in a remote gas station in the Alpes. Unfortunately, Sandrine is killed. Jack chases after Ali in the snow and kills him in self-defense. Back in the U.S., Jack communicates with Suleiman through a video game. He pretends to be Ali and tries to lure Suleiman into a trap but Suleiman suspects the ruse. Jack manages to confirm that Hanin is who she says she is and tells Suleiman that Ali is dead. After, Jack and Greer head to Turkey to pick up Hanin and her two girls.

Jack and Greer have help from a Turkish man as they try to find Hanin. Jack doesn't like him very much because he's a sex trafficker. They find her being detained on the coast by Suleiman's man Yazid. They kill him and manage to take the women to safety. Greer reveals to Jack why he was sent back to Langley after Karachi. Jack has to reveal to Cathy that he works for the CIA after she's questioned about her Ebola report. She isn't happy with him because he lied to her. However, she agrees on going on another date with him and they both continue their relationship. Jack and Greer's covert ground assault is approved by the President after having learned that Suleiman has Dr. Nadler, his friend, hostage. The assault is a failure because they don't find Suleiman or Samir as it looks like someone told them about the raid. They are able to rescue the doctors. The hostages are welcomed back by the President but Jack and Greer realize too late that the doctors are the next terrorist attack as they have been intentionally infected with Ebola.

Jack realizes that Suleiman's next attack is going to be on Washington Memorial Hospital, intending to kill President Andrew Pickett and throw America into chaos. He manages to warn the Secret Service and begins a sweep of the hospital. He follows Suleiman outside of the building and chases him to a train station. He manages to kill him before he can remotely detonate the bomb containing the cesium. After everything has settled, Jack reunites Samir with Hanin and his sisters. Because of his work on the Suleiman case, Jack is offered the job as head of Terror, Finance, and Arms Division. However, Greer has booked him a ticket to Moscow to work for him and it is left open-ended if he takes him up on the offer or not.

Season 2

In Cargo, it is revealed that Ryan actually went to work with his old friend Senator Moreno in Washington, D.C. advising politicians. However, it is not long before Ryan is sent to Venezuela in pursuit of an arms shipment.

While on a diplomatic visit to Venezuela to inquire about the cargo ship Almetta, Jack runs into Greer who has been transferred to Caracas from Moscow so he too can investigate the Almetta's connection to the launch of a satellite from the South China Sea. Senator Moreno invites Greer to join him and Jack for dinner where they share stories, including that Moreno was Jack's commanding officer in the Marines and was the one who pulled him out of the wreckage after his helicopter accident. Moreno was also the one who stayed by Jack's side while he recovered in the hospital, which lead to a strong friendship between the two. While Moreno excused himself to use the restroom, Jack and Greer shared why each were respectively in Venezuela and learned they were both investigating the Almetta: Greer believing it's connected to the satellite launch, and Jack believing it's responsible for illegal arms trafficking into Venezuela.

That night at their hotel, Jack approaches a foreign woman he saw across the bar earlier in the evening and offers her a drink, Harriet Baumann—though she uses an alias—and the two spend the night together. While Jack is sleeping she plants a bug in his room's lampshade and looks over other sensitive information he has out in the open.

Later, Jack and Senator Moreno's trip to Venezuela was complete so the two were escorted to an airfield for their flight out of the country. However, en route to the strip a corrupt Venezuelan National Police officer lead the convoy into a trap which resulted in the German assassin Max Schenkel assassinating Moreno. Devastated by his friends loss, Jack remained in Venezuela to investigate the assassination, believing that President Nicolás Reyes was ultimately behind everything.

Working with Mike November, the Chief of Station in Caracas, Jack and Greer dig deeper into the situation. Jack sneaks on board the Almetta and is confronted by South African mercenary Jost Van Der Byl, only to be rescued by Harry. She gives him a USB drive with a damning recording of President Reyes' closest friend, confidante, and advisor General Miguel Ubarri saying that he could perhaps govern Venezuela better than Reyes. With Greer and November, Jack gives the recording to Mateo Bastos, Reyes' head of security in hopes that it would disruption from within the Reyes administration.

Later, Jack and Greer rendezvous with Matice who has assembled a fire team for an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission in the jungle. There, they infiltrate what looks like a guerrilla staging area and investigate a number of shipping containers originally brought to Venezuela by the Almetta. Within the containers Jack discovers expensive European mining equipment. Using the intel gathered at the site Jack is able to connect the mining operation in the jungle with Eprius, a private military company based out of London. Despite the major break in the case, November receives overwhelming pressure from Washington and is forced to send Jack home. However, Jack contacts his and Moreno's friend in Congress, Senator Chapin, and convinces him to authorize his travel from Caracas to London.

Arriving in London, Jack is met again by Harry who connects him with her MI5 contact so that Jack can speak with the an Eprius executive. The executive, Rupert Thorne, reveals Eprius connected another client with Max Schenkel, and agrees to setup a meet with Schenkel so that he can be apprehended. Prior to the meet Jack contacts Greer and asks him to look into a technology company named Vogler that patented a technology called Flash Lidar, which allows the user to penetrate the dense jungle canopy and map mining deposits. Something Reyes is apparently using to mine a highly valuable mineral called tantalum.

At the meet, Schenkel uses a double to lure Jack and the MI5 agents into a trap along with Thorne, whom he assassinates. Jack gives chase along London rooftops only to lose Schenkel when he jumps several stories into the Thames River below. Harry later divulges that she knows where Max's daughter attends university in London. Jack tracks her down and tries to convince her to help him find Max, but she fights back and attempts to flee. When Jack catches her Max arrives and Jack faces him alone, until Harry comes from behind and shoots Max in the head. Harry then convinces Jack to flee the scene so he can finish his work, he leaves to return to Caracas.

Upon his return Greer has gathered intel on Caracas-based Monica Herrera lawyer who appears to be facilitating all of the logistics, money transfers, and other illegal activities that involves Reyes' illegal operations. The two pay a visit to her office only to be arrested by Venezuelan military and escorted to Reyes himself. Reyes chastises them for continuing to blame Venezuela for Moreno's death even after he produced culprits who confessed to the assassination. Jack reveals that he knows about Max Schenkel and Eprius but admits he hasn't completed his work yet.

Threatened by Jack's progress in his investigation, Reyes accuses the United States of interfering in Venezuela's elections, using the recently recovered corpse of Matice as propaganda to support his claims. This forces an evacuation of the U.S. embassy while Jack stays behind with November to finish the job. Having originally instructed a guard to take Greer to the airstrip where Americans were being evacuated, the officer instead delivered him to Bastos who took him to the camp in the jungle. Jack learns of this while staying in a safe house with November, and the two decide to contract the South African mercenaries previously working for Reyes and use them to infiltrate the camp and free Greer.

Upon their arrival, they find the remaining camp guards executing all of the prisoners on Reyes' orders, and manage to stop them before they can finish. Unable to find Greer, Jack instead discovers Matice's corpse, which is taken by Uber, Coyote, and Disco to be returned home. In the camp they also find Sergio Bonalde, husband of Presidential candidate Gloria Bonalde, who tells them that Reyes' men took Greer with them about a half hour before Jack's arrival.

Jack records footage of the prison camp showing mass graves and malnourished prisoners, he then sends the footage to various international news agencies to expose Reyes' crimes. The exposure triggers riots outside Miraflores Palace, prompting Reyes to shut down the polls, claiming an 'insurmountable' lead in the election.

Meanwhile, Jack, November, Uber, Coyote, and Disco are dropped on the Miraflores rooftop by helicopter to infiltrate the palace and retrieve Greer whom they believe is being held prisoner in one of the sub levels. The team successfully enters the palace and eliminates the heavy security inside, they locate Greer who was making his own attempt at escaping after killing his guards and wounding Bastos. They meet in the middle and aid Greer the rest of the way, killing Bastos in the process.

Jack remains behind momentarily when he sees an opportunity to assassinate Reyes. Taking out the guards outside his office, Jack almost kills him when November intervenes and convinces Jack not to go through with it. They leave Reyes in his office amidst the shambles of his regime just as rioters have breached the gate and entered the palace walls. Jack boards the helicopter and the team evacuates Caracas.

Back home, Jack meets with Senator Chapin who expresses relief that Jack made it home safely. Jack explains that there were two shell companies that contracted with Vogler: Cinco Palmas which was owned by Reyes, and North Lake Allies. The latter company is based in Philadelphia, which caught Jack's attention because he found a Philadelphia phone number on Rupert Thorne's call list. When Jack dials that number, Senator Chapin's phone begins ringing, revealing that Chapin was working with Reyes and therefore involved in Moreno's murder. At that point the FBI arrive on the scene to take Chapin into custody for Senator Moreno's murder and other crimes.


  • In Pilot, James Greer can be seen reviewing Ryan's DD Form 214 which holds several pieces of personal information.
  • His Social Security Number is 987-65-4329.
    It erroneously states his pay grade to be E05 at the time of his discharge from military. As a First Lieutenant, his pay grade would have been O-2.
  • His home of record at time of entry is 3092 Buckingham Road, Washington D.C., 20007.
  • His Reserve Obligation Terminate Date is listed at February 11, 2008.


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