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"And the seventh angel poured his bowl into the air, and a voice cried out from heaven, saying: It is done."
— Putin, reading from a book he found in Captain Ramius's quarters

Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin is a character that appears in The Hunt for Red October novel and the film of the same name. He was a political officer aboard the Red October. Putin was later killed by Captain Second Rank Marko Ramius so that Putin would not interfere with the plan to defect to the United States.


Putin was a political officer whose job it was to ensure that individuals in the military remained loyal to the Soviet Union. After the new Typhon class nuclear missile submarine Red October was built, Putin was assigned to the ship as its political officer.

One of his hobbies was snooping though other people's quarters for anything that might be considered subversive. He found a book in the Captain's quarters on the end of the world and was reading through it when Captain Ramius found him in his quarters. As the book had belonged to his late wife, Ramius was less than pleased that Putin had put his hands on that book.

After the two men opened the safe containing the ship's orders, Ramius killed Putin to keep the man from interfering with the defection to the United States that Ramius was planning. Ramius told the crew that Putin had slipped on his tea and hit his head, ending the officer's life.

Having had few friends among the crew, no one really missed his presence. Victor Slavin had considered Putin a pig, and had no problems with Putin being killed by Captain Ramius.

Learning that the GRU had a mole on the boat, the defecting officers checked Putin's files to see if they could find out if there was any information in there about the possible identity of the mole.

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