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Irina is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


In Moscow, Irina and her partner Dmitri were tasked with tailing CIA agent James Greer who was meeting with an informant at a hotel. Despite posing posing as a couple, Greer quickly noticed they were following him and approached two police officers. Greer claimed that Dmitri had assaulted Irina, prompting the officers to stop them for questioning and allowing Greer to reach the hotel. After Greer's meeting, Irina and Dmitri caught up to him. Angry at the stunt he had pulled, Dmitri told Greer that he had gone too far. He then said that he knew who Greer was and that they had a "job to do". Dmitri then pushed Greer several times, only for him to fall to the ground unconscious as a result of an undiagnosed heart condition. Surprised, Irina asked Dmitri what he had done to him. Dmitri stated that he had barley touched Greer and then attempted to awake him. He then told Irina to retrieve the car. After putting Greer in their car, Dmitri had Irina drive them to Botkin Hospital where they left him at the entrance. Dmitri's reasoning for saving Greer was that the United States would think they had killed him and he did not want to fill out any paperwork.