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Hugo is a character featured in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He is the secretary of Monica Herrera.


In 2019, Hugo worked as the secretary of Monica Herrera, a lawyer based in Caracas, Venezuela. Hugo was present when Max Schenkel arrived at Herrera's office. Through Herrera, Venezuelanian President Nicolás Reyes and U.S. Senator Mitchell Chapin hired Schenkel was hired to kill U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno and Jack Ryan.

A few days later, Ryan and James Greer learned of Herrera's involvement with Moreno's assassination and drove to her office. Both men introduced themselves to Hugo, claiming that they were Canadian businessmen and that they wanted her to help them set up a local coffee company for them. Hugo then asked for Greer's name and was told "Timothy Horton". Afterwards, Hugo told them to sit and wait for Herrera to see them. After some time had elapsed, Greer asked Hugo how much longer and Hugo told him that she was finishing up a "conference call". This call turned out to be with President Reyes who sent soldiers to collect Ryan and Greer and bring them to him to speak in person.