Harriet "Harry" Baumann is one of the characters from Amazon's series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan in Season 2.

She is German Intelligence agent tracking her former asset in Venezuela.

Season 2Edit


Baumann first meets Jack Ryan under the alias of Lina in a hotel in Caracas. They both claim to be businesspeople, but she bugs his room as she leaves him late that night.

She then shows up the next day to save Ryan at the port, who has gotten caught by Joost. She then gives him another false identity, calling herself Lee Klein and explaining that she's a private investigator hunting a "German businessman". She also states the true fact that she's ex-KSK. Giving Ryan a USB, she walks off. It is revealed that this USB contains recordings that she took of the Ubarri family several days ago.

However it is revealed that the businessman she is following is actually her ex-lover and combat partner Max Schenkel who has gone rogue.

Behind the scenesEdit


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