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Hanin Abdullah Suleiman is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Married off to Mousa bin Suleiman when she was young, Hanin is the devoted mother of their son and two daughters. After she flees Syria to protect her children from Suleiman’s increasingly brutal actions, Hanin proves herself an invaluable ally to Jack and his team.

Season 1

Hanin suspects that Suleiman is doing something shady. She tries to talk to him about it but he says that what he does is for the good of the family. Not convinced, Hanin packs her bags and takes her children away. She has to leave her son, Samir, behind because he refused to leave his father. They escape but their car breaks down. Suleiman has sent men after her and they are hot on her tail. They manage to catch up to her and one of them, Yazid, tries to rape Hanin. She gets saved by an unsanctioned air strike. Hanin heads to the Turkish refugee camp where she tries to convince one of the officials that she is Sulieman's wife in order to seek political asylum. They don't believe her so she hires someone to smuggle her and her daughters out of the camp. They head for the coast but Yazid survived the bombing and is still after them. So they have to walk to the coast instead of staying with the caravan. When they finally get to the coast, Hanin tries to get them onto one of the boats but Yazid has spotted them. He is about to take them when Jack Ryan and James Greer arrive and save them by killing Yazid. The three of them are taken to America where Hanin tells Ryan where Suleiman is. All she asks in return is for him to rescue her son. After Suleiman is stopped, Ryan delivers Samir to her. The four of them embrace and walk back into their new home.