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Video Game
Genre: Flight Combat
Series: H.A.W.X Series
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date: March 3rd, 2009 (US)
March 20th, 2009
Developer: Ubisoft Romania
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Status: Post-Release

H.A.W.X is a flight simulator video game developed by Ubisoft Romania and published by Ubisoft Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS. It was released in United States on March 6, 2009.


The Private Military Companies (PMCs)Edit

As the era of the nation-state draws toward its end, the world of warfare is evolving rapidly. New challenges demand new solutions, sometimes with unpredictable outcomes.

For many years, state-sponsored militaries have struggled to maintain and modernize their forces. Increasing budget restrictions and difficulties in recruiting skilled personnel have led many countries to seek other solutions. More and more nations now rely increasingly on (PMCs) – elite mercenary groups staffed with equally elite personnel - to support their field operations.

PMCs have proven to be excellent partners in respect to efficiency, skills, low prices, and reliability. They’ve been able to fulfill most of the mission normally handled by regular armies, without risking political fallout.

In time, these private military corps diversified their field of operations, from mere securing land objectives to motorized assault and counter-intelligence. It was not long before a few of these PMCs secured enough resources to require being involved complete support air and sea-bound operations.

With each passing year, the PMCs expand their influence and scope of activity. Initially just consultants, they are now involved in surveillance, logistics, site security, and other essential roles. In order to keep the war machine going most of the PMC warranted firms dealing with other sources of income such as mining, oil extraction, airliners, goods manufacturing etc. Ensuring a steady flow of currency allowed these companies to operate a tighter game against their opposition. Each year, they come closer to serving as fully operational field units, and their services are so widely used they’re already essential. Pandora’s Box has been opened. There’s no getting rid of the PMCs now.

The Reykjavik AccordsEdit

2012: The Reykjavik Accords are ratified by 191 countries, including the USA and all the major powers.

They define and limit the role of PMCs in combat, as well as their new responsibilities in terms of human rights. The right of PMC Units to serve in every aspect of military operations is now officially authorized: They can be engaged in full-scale forward operations.

The guidelines set down by the accords are simple. PMCs act as international and independent entities and must be contracted by a sovereign state to enter a conflict. They cannot target civilian populations. PMC operational Units have the status of official combatants, and a PMC Unit must use their own equipment to fulfill their Missions.

As a consequence they are now fully authorized to purchase heavy equipment on the international armaments market (Jet Fighters, attackers, armored vehicles etc.) PMC Units are now real private armies officially recognized by sovereign states. The war market has been deregulated: States lift all commercial restrictions to conventional weapons exchange with PMCs Units, so long as they respect the Reykjavik Accords. Within the limits of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it is now up to each nation decide whom they wish to sell to – and what they wish to sell. Most of the leading nations, including the United States of America, choose to sell only their older, outmoded equipment to the PMCs. A few, however, see the opportunity for quick profit, and make available even top of the line military hardware.

Turning PMCs Units into operational international armies is intended to decrease regional and international conflicts, better protect civilian populations and human rights, and intensify the international war on terror. PMCs are seen as the future of peace-keeping forces, and their lack of political entanglements and quick response times theoretically makes them excellent fast responders to crises and humanitarian missions.

A Dark FutureEdit

During the 2012-2018 timeline, the global military power will gradually shift toward the PMCs as they grow more and more independent from their high power self-governed companies. From all the theatres of operations worldwide the South American episode was the main leverage of the PMC uprising. Near the end of 2016, before the arms threat would become obvious, the mere presence of these private companies already had a negative impact on the economy of all the sovereign states, sapping their initiative and response capabilities.

The 2021 WarEdit

Main Article: 2021 War

After the events of GRAW 2 and EndWar, the United States Air Force deactivated the High Altitude Warfare – Experimental Squadron, so the members joined a powerful PMC, Artemis Global Security. Soon after, an anti-US alliance known as Las Trinidad attacked Brazil, but was pushed back by Artemis. Artemis Global Security switches sides and attacks the USS James Lawrence Carrier Strike Group and launches an preemptive strike against the United States. As a result, the X-Squad defected to the US and Artemis Global Security was pushed back, and Washington D.C remained in American hands. However, the Artemis' CEO, Adrian DeWinter, admitted he had stolen several tactical nuclear weapons. But, the United States Army, along with The H.A.W.X squadron, restores the SLAMS missile defense system and recovers the nuclear weapons, but Artemis almost detonated one in Los Angeles, California, although nuclear radiation was released into the city, the citizens in Los Angeles were evacuated. In the end, Artemis Global Security is completely destroyed, and DeWinter and his executive board are killed.

A Threat No LongerEdit

The war had caused 40,000 civilian casualties in America, making the United Nations begin a crackdown on every single PMC. Never again would global power be dominated by PMCs.



Ghost Recon: Team AlphaEdit


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Air Supremacy PackEdit

The Air Supremacy Pack contains all the aircraft released in the U.S. Eagles, Russian Falcons and the European Assault packs.

U.S. Eagles PackEdit

Russian Falcons PackEdit

European Assault PackEdit

Mobile versionEdit

There is a mobile version. It follows the same storyline, just cuts several missions.


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