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Gloria Bonalde is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. She is a charismatic politician running in the election against incumbent President of Venezuela Nicolas Reyes. Her husband used to be the Minister of Interior and Justice. She is more popular with the youth than Reyes. She defeated incumbent President Reyes in the 2018 election and is the President-elect of Venezuela.


She is introduced by Jack Ryan as a "history professor turned activist." Maria Ubarri describes her as very authentic to her friends.

She next appears at a political rally for the election, making a speech to the people about common issues like political freedom, hunger, disease, and corruption. However, the crowd was notably quieter when she mentioned the people (including her husband) imprisoned by Reyes.

Bonalde is approached by James Greer regarding his position Minister of Interior and Justice, realizing that as he was in charge of mining operations in the country, Nicolas Reyes likely made him "disappear" so that Reyes could carry out his plans to mine tantalum unopposed.

After Jack Ryan alongside U.S. Special Forces and mercenaries raided the jungle prison camp, she was reunited with her husband on a U.S. Navy ship.