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Not to be confused with Tim Noonan.

Geoff Noonan is a character that appears in the novel, Code of Honor.


Geoff Noonan is a software engineer at a Boston game developer called Parnassus Games. At some point, he met and married the daughter of a federal judge and had two kids. By 2011, Noonan and his wife were expecting a third child. Noonan, alongside his coworker, Todd Ackerman, developed several pieces of tech together. The development of the Calliope Artificial Intelligence program eventually got them noticed by their bosses. Impressed by the program, Ackerman was tasked with attending a gaming trade show conference in Indonesia. Ackerman sought to commit corporate espionage by secretly selling Calliope to the Indonesian gaming company Suparman Games for $25 million dollars. He arranged for a side trip to Bandung after the conference to make the exchange with a Suparman Games rep and set up the foreign bank accounts, alibis, and escape plan. Unfortunately, two weeks before the conference, Ackerman broke both of his legs in a bicycling accident. As a result, Noonan was sent to the conference in his place, which caused Ackerman to bring him in on his espionage scheme.

With $12.5 million dollars at stake, Noonan accepted Ackerman's offer. As a precautionary measure, Noonan brought two copies of Calliope with him to Indonisia: one for the exchange and one for insurance. Following three days at the conference under the watchful eye of his bosses, Noonan asked them if he could "experience a little of the mountain air" before he left Indonisia. Noonan's bosses saw no issue with the request and allowed him to go, unaware that Noonan was using this as a cover to make the exchange in Bandung. Noonan later met the buyer at a teahouse a block from his Hilton hotel. The exchange was relatively simple, prompting Noonan to walk through the Bandung streets to ponder on his newfound wealth and build a cover story should any of his bosses question his whereabouts. Unbeknownst to Noonan, however, he was being monitored by members of the PLA who were interested in the Calliope software.

Despite his new wealth, Noonan began to feel guilty for his actions and returned to his hotel. He then went to the hotel bar to "drown his guilt". While at the bar, Noonan noticed an attractive woman eying him. After sharing a couple drinks together, Noonan followed the girl back to her hotel room. Upon entering, he noticed large floor-to-ceiling mirrors within the room but did not think much of them. After learning the girl's name to be Betti Tamala, the pair proceeded to have sex. A short time later, Noonan was caught off guard when two agents of the PLA named Wu Chao and Kang and two members of the Indonesian police revealed themselves from behind the mirrors in the room. Noonan was horrified to learn that he had been lured into a honey trap by Betti and that everything had been recorded. Seeking to prevent his wife and father-in-law from seeing the sex-tape, Noonan offered to pay the men his new wealth but was turned down. Instead, they told him they wanted Calliope. While confused at their request, Noonan complied and gave it to them.

Noonan was unsettled by the entire ordeal and sought to find someone to talk to. He traveled to a local Jesuit church in Bangdung the next day and confessed to Pastor Pat West of his of actions and subsequent blackmail. Unfortunately, Noonan was followed by Chao and Kang who subsequently murdered him and got West arrested by the Indonesian police for made-up charges of blasphemy against Islam. Before being taken away, West, a former CIA officer, managed to send a private text message about his encounter with Noonan to his friend, U.S. President Jack Ryan.


  • Noonan was informed by his pastor during a recent marriage counseling session that he lacks the capacity to experience "pre-transgressional guilt". This means that Noonan constantly makes poor decisions only to experience heavy guilt for his actions afterwards.
  • This diagnosis explains why Noonan made the deal with Calliope and cheated on his wife and suffered from severe guilt afterward.
  • Noonan states that he hates his job due to the constant disrespect and insult he receives from his bosses and coworkers.
  • According to Noonan, his female coworkers called him "Poison Dwarf" due to his looks and relatively short height.