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Captain Filiberto Ramos is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. He was is captain of the Venezuelan police.


In 2019, Ramos was tasked to be the escort for U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno during his trip to Caracas to meet with Nicolás Reyes. That night, Ramos had finished visiting his sick mother at a hospital when he was approached by Max Schenkel who offered him a cigarette. Max then surprised Ramos by asking how his mother was doing. He then took a walk with Ramos and asked him to redirect Moreno's convoy at a different exit the next day in exchange for $3000 to help with his mother's care. Ramos accepted the offer and did just that the next day. Unbeknownst to Ramos, however, the route he had taken the convoy on was ambushed by assailants who opened fire. As Moreno's security detail opened fire, explosives planted in the road were detonated remotely. Realizing what he had done, Ramos told the officer driving his vehicle to keep driving and leave the scene. When Ramo returned home, he found his wife and kids murdered. The attacker, revealed to be Reyes' head of security Mateo Bastos, attempted to kill Ramos as well but was bit on the arm by Ramo's dog, which allowed Ramos to escape. He then turned himself into the American Embassy seeking asylum and confessing to the redirection.

Under the condition that his mother receive asylum as well, Ramos told Mike November, Jack Ryan, and James Greer that he had been approached by Max and paid to redirect the convoy. This information infuriated Ryan who lashed out at Ramos. Ramos attempted to apologize, stating that he did not know anyone would be killed and that he did it for his mother. Unconvinced, Ryan demanded to know if Reyes or Miguel Ubarri had been mentioned as he believed that Reyes had ordered Moreno's death. Ramos told him they were not before breaking down crying as Ryan stormed out. The next day, the embassy's head of security José Marzan administered Cyanide to Ramos while he was in his holding cell, killing him. Mike November later came to the holding cells to ask Ramos if he could identify Bastos, only to find his body. He then ordered Marzan to find a doctor but by then it had already been too late. November later discovers Marzan had been Reyes' inside man at the embassy and killed him.