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Edward "Ed" Foley is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels. He was the Director of Central Intelligence in the early 2000s.


Red Rabbit

In 1982, Foley and his wife, Mary Pat Foley, were CIA case officers in Moscow. Under the cover as embassy press, both of them covertly ran several Soviet national agents and aided in the defection of several high placed agents. A communications agent named Oleg Zaitzev contacted the Foley's with the intention to defect after learning of a plot to kill the Pope. Zaitzev agreed to provide information on the assassination plot in exchange for he and his family's safe extraction out of the Soviet Union. The Foley's agree to his terms and instruct him to bring his family to Budapest, Hungary under the guise of taking a vacation.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin

In 1986, Foley and his wife were still working undercover as embassy press in Moscow. They acted as Colonel Mikhail Filitov's CIA contact. During an operation, Colonel Filitov sends Gennady Bondarenko, a Soviet colonel skilled with lasers, to Dushanbe to evaluate the facility and unwittingly procure information that Filitov will then send to his CIA contacts. Unfortunately, a minor slip-up in passing Filitov's intelligence alerts the KGB, which then aggressively pursues the couriers involved. The courier chain is quickly shut down by Edward Foley and Filitov's more important intelligence on Bright Star is delayed; however, he reveals the presence of a KGB agent infiltrating Bright Star's counterpart, Tea Clipper, which alarms the CIA.

The CIA then tasks Foley with extracting CARDINAL out of the country. However, when his wife attempts to make a brush pass to Filitov, the two are arrested by the KGB. The Foleys are then declared persona non grata, while Filitov is imprisoned and psychologically tortured until he eventually confesses to his crimes. The Foley's are later released and attend Filitov's funeral following his passing due to heart disease. Afterwards they return to the United States together.

Executive Orders

Rainbow Six

In 1999, Ed Foley served as the Director of the CIA. When Rainbow was pitched to President Jack Ryan, Foley, his wife, and selected others backed John Clark up, ultimately leading to the organizations approval. Foley then became Rainbow's point of contact to secure its American funding.

Following the rescue of Erwin Ostermann and his staff during a hostage situation in Vienna, Austria, Clark contacted Foley to request helicopters and pilots for the unit. Foley approved Clark's request and informed him that he would need to contact the Pentagon to secure funding. After ending the call, Foley contacted General Sam Wilson and asked for him to supply Rainbow with one helicopter and crew for the moment. This resulted in the transfer of Daniel Malloy to Rainbow.

The Bear and the Dragon

Command Authority


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