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Vice Admiral Winslow Holland "Dutch" Maxwell is a character that appears in the novel, Without Remorse.


In 1970, Vice Admiral Maxwell was the Assistant chief of naval operations for the United States Navy, holding an office in the E-Ring of the Pentagon.

Following the capture of Colonel Robin Zacharias by the NVA, Maxwell secretly initiated Operation Boxwood Green to rescue him and other POWs camp. This was because Zacharias possessed highly classified technical knowledge and had been declared killed in action.

Maxwell approaches John Kelly to lead the rescue mission on Zacharias and other American POWs, since he knew the area from his days in the UDT and had previously gone behind enemy lines to rescue Maxwell's son a few years earlier. Kelly travels to Vietnam but the mission is compromised by a KGB mole. While escaping the camp, however, Kelly captured Soviet interrogator Nikolay Grishanov and uses him as leverage to negotiate the transfer of Zacharias and the other prisoners to the relatively safe Hanoi Hilton.


  • Maxwell once commanded Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Enterprise
  • Maxwell flew off the original USS Enterprise in WWII, participating in the Battles of Midway, Philippine Sea, and Leyte Gulf
  • Maxwell is a former fighter pilot.
  • Maxwell ended his career with 18 air-to-air kills

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