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Dressed to Kill is the fourth episode of Season 2 Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series. It premiered on October 31, 2019.


Relieved of duty in Venezuela, Jack follows a new trail to London and seeks the help of MI5, only to discover the man he's after is also after him. Back in Venezuela, Reyes makes Gloria an offer.


  • Jack Ryan discusses the photographs from the containers with the CIA. They contain mining equipment and belong to Eprius, a PMC in London. Mining explosives were likely used to kill Jimmy Moreno. However Mike November takes him off the case.
  • Marcus Bishop is being rescued from the Venezuelan jungle with the rest of the U.S. Special Activities team.
  • The Venezuelan politicians' wives have lunch. Cassandra Ubarri brings up surveillance bugs but Ms Reyes brushes it off.
  • Ryan talks to Chapin under false pretenses, and heads to London. Meanwhile Greer draws some conclusions about the government's involvement, which points to Sergio Bonalde, Gloria's husband.
  • Gloria Bonalde puts her children to bed, but is interrupted by Reyes who intrudes into her house. He offers her the position of her husband.
  • Ryan arrives in London; Max passes through under a disguise. His eye is wounded. He meets with Harriet Baumann, who is waiting for him in his room. They get help from Jeremy Bright of MI5.
  • Bonalde makes arrangements with her assistant Valentina to move her family, shaken by Reyes' intrusion. Greer comes to visit; she thinks it's about the election, but is stunned to hear Greer wants to hear about her husband and the mining projects. She invites Greer to look at her husband's office, where his last project was indeed about mining.
  • In London, the three agents are talking to Thorne of Epirus. After some pressing, he reveals that he has an association with Max through encrypted messages for contract work.
  • Max meets a man at a dance party via a dating app.
  • Bonalde is at Valentina's apartment, but still receives a threat. Someone is a mole and revealed her location to Reyes. She asks Greer for help protecting her family.
  • Reyes sends Mateo Bastos after the SAD team in the jungle.
  • Thorne and the three agents in London set up surveillance of the meeting.